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Weather Proofing

We had a few crazy adventures on our vacation. The second we landed, we both had messages from our credit card that someone had been using it to buy gun parts. We instantly cancelled our cards and they said they would send us a new one. Then on the way home our flight was delayed by an hour. Once we did finally get up in the air and made it most of the way home, we circled our airport in Kansas City a few times. The turbulence was so bad that we came out of our seats a few times. The stewardess even said out of the three years she’s been flying, it was the worst turbulence of all. After going around the airport for 30 minutes, the pilot came on and said we had to go to an old airbase in Topeka, KS and wait the weather out. We sat on the runway for a few hours until they cleared us to go back to Kansas City. Since they didn’t have TSA employees, we couldn’t get out of the plane at all the entire time.

The next day we went by the house to see the changes. The only change made while we had been gone was the weatherproofing to the back of the house.

Back of the House

Back Weather Proofing 1

Back Weather Proofing

Back Weather Proofing 2

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