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We Have Half A Room

We have the start of our laundry room! Now it feels like its really happening. We had a few different things happen today, which is good since the weather is going to be bad.

Today’s Accomplishments
*Half a Laundry Room is up and framing is still going
*Cement for steps are poured
*They are getting ready to put the new support beam in the Living Room

Front of the House

New Cement Front

New Cement Front 2

New Cement Front 3

Back of the House

Back of House Framing 1

Back of House Framing 2

Back of House Framing 3

Living Room Support Beam

A new support beam was needed in the living room to balance out the weight of the house. There is one already in the ceiling, but a larger one was needed to support the new work.
Support Beam Prep

We also came home to a crazy mess in the street. A water main burst and caused a river to flow down. Luckily it wasn’t right by our house, so we didn’t look like the cause of it.
Water Main Break

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