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Walk Like an Egyptian

I was told that I needed to make a costume the other weekend for a class project on Saturday. It was followed with a “Oh, by the way, it is due on Monday.” Not something you want to hear headed into the weekend, but we managed to pull it off.

My goal was to make it look something like this:

Originally, we planned on making it all out of material, but it occurred to me that we could probably find a dress at the thrift store. Luckily we did. We found this long white dress that had a lace butterfly on the outside and a white lining on the inside. It was perfect. Plus the gold material to make the dress part was $18 at Hobby Lobby and this dress was only $5.99. The fabric store takes back any material you by as long as you don’t alter or wash it.

Alexa cut the lacey butterfly off and it was perfect.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00001

I used batting to reinforce everything. Luckily, I bought it awhile ago on sale.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00002

I basically did a circle for the collar, folded it in half and sewed in on the sides to make it stick out like her collar. Below is the belt. I put Velcro on it to make it easy for her to take on and off.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00003

I didn’t worry about making it perfect. I figured it was a one time wear, although she did like it so much that she wants to wear it for Halloween next year.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00004

The whole time I had two songs running through my head: Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles and Cleopatra, Queen of Denial by Pam Tillis. I cranked Walk Like an Egyptian on our speakers and Maren exclaimed “This is going to scar me for life.” That explains all of the 80’s. According to Maren, we can blame it solely on that song. I explained to her that they were a cool band and everyone loved their music, but she wasn’t buying it.

I think it turned out pretty good for knocking it out in one afternoon and the main thing is that Alexa loved it. I thought she looked great for her school project.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00005

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