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Village Art Fair + Weekend Garage Saling = Perfect Weekend

Our family always looks forward to our town’s yearly art fair. We love it because its in walking distance of our house, so we can go down daily. It’s a good time hanging out with friends and running into neighbors.

Check out for info on the Village Art Fair:

The other favorite part of this weekend are the garage sales! We have a neighborhood garage sale during this time and it is amazing. Maren and I could last for hours upon hours searching for our fun bargains and this year Jay and one of Maren’s friends joined us. Jay quickly burned out, but Maren and her friend tagged along all day. I gave them $5 each to spend and it was fun watching how they spent their money.

Here are some of my awesome finds that I already put to use:

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00003
I’ve been looking for a fruit bowl for a little while now, so I snatched this little find up for $2.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00015

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00012

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00014

A new restaurant moved in down the street from us a few years ago named “Tavern in the Village.” Maren thought it was called “Tarzan” for along time, so that’s how “Tarzan’s Kitchen” was born. On weekends, Maren and Jay will setup a menu for Alexa and I to select from. Maren is the server and Jay is the cook. Now she will have a special place to put her menu in and all other times I will have a place to put their daily chore assignments in during the summer. It was a little nicked up, but I cleaned it up with a black sharpie. For only $2, this guy was a steal.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00008

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00011
This find was my best priced find, running at $10, but my favorite. I am restraining myself from sanding it down and restaining. I may eventually do that, but I thought I would leave it as is for now. I bought it from a neighbor’s garage sale and she mentioned that it came from William Jewel, which is a private college in my Dad’s town. It does have a few carvings in the arm and gum stuck under the chair, but I still like the character the wear on the chair gives it.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00005
Alexa wanted a new Kate Spade bag this year.. Luckily I didn’t break down and buy her a new one, because I found this bag plus a cell phone holder and wallet at a ladie’s garage sale that worked at a place that sold them. She had so much Kate Spade merchandise. I had a little self control and only spent $25 for the set. Now Alexa has her new bag for middle school.

Village Cape Cod - Garage Sale Finds 00002
This was my best buy. It was free. The guy said he was done selling and he thought the canisters were bad b/c they didn’t have lids. I instantly thought to use them as planters. Maren helped pick out the red petunias and I now have 3 new pots.

I did buy a couple of other items, like a George Brett Nesting Dolls for $1, a mini Radio Flyer for Coen for $2 and a new necklace for $3.



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  1. Midsommarflicka
    07.21.2014 at 12:00 pm (5 years ago)

    Ooooh! The old school chair! It’s amazing!! <3


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