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Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Good News :: we went on a fun vacation to Laguna Beach / Disneyland. Hence the Go-go song title. It was a short notice vacation since I combined an Air Force Reserve job and our vacation together, but we had a blast. If you’ve never been to Laguna, you should go out there. They have a great beach, cute shops and gelato. We LOVED their gelato. The beach was the first portion of our trip, which was very relaxing and prepared us for the last part of the trip – Disneyland fiasco. Believe it or not we did survive our trip with an almost eight month old being out of his element. He is such an easy baby! (Plus he is a pro now. He received his first Disney World princess’s kiss at only eight weeks old.)

Village Cape Cod - California 00001

Bad News :: I dropped my camera lens. I had a bad feeling that would happen and of course it was prior to my family photo with Mickey in Disneyland. Major bummer, but at least I had my video camera that also takes still shots. Not as good as my camera, (I am very spoiled now) but it worked. Plus we have Amazon Prime, so I could ship my new lens to our next hotel just in time for two of our days at Disney.

At least my Disney photos came out fine.

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More Bad News :: Our shipment was delayed… so delayed that I had to cancel the order since I would already be home by the time it arrived to the hotel. Amazon was nice enough to attempt to reroute it, but it logistically didn’t work out.

As soon as I broke my lens, Jay and I both hopped on to Amazon to figure out if I should buy a replacement lens that was identical to the one I dropped or get a different one. I had a 18-55mm one. We went back and forth with whether I should get a 70-300mm instead. Both came in around the same price range ($100 – $130 on Amazon.) I don’t claim to be a photographer, but anyone with a fancy camera understands that the lens range makes a huge impact on your photos. I do more close-up portrait shots (18-55m), where my husband thought it would be nice to get a better zoom capability.

In the end, we decided that it would be best to just get an identical replacement lens for the camera and maybe in a little while splurge on a different type. New item to add to my Christmas list!

Nikon 18-55mm

Nikon 70-300mm

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