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Upstairs Framing

I came home from a very long weekend at base and got to see all the work they got done from last Friday. They were able to finish the bedrooms and put the framing for the roof up. Now it will be easier to plan out the space that we have to work with.

Back of the House

Back of House Framing 2

Back of House Framing

Bedroom #1

Bedroom 1 Framing 3

Bedroom 1 Framing 2

Bedroom 1 Framing

Bedroom 1 Framing 3

Bedroom 1 Closet Framing

Bedroom 1 Closet Framing 2

Bedroom 1 Bath Framing

Bedroom #2

Bedroom 2 Closet

Bedroom 2 Framing 2

Bedroom 2 Framing

Master Bedroom

Master Room Framing 2

Master Room Framing

Master Bath

Master Bath Framing 2

Master Bath Framing

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