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Thrift Store Side Table

Table New and Old

During a lunch run at work, I stopped at the thrift store (leaving work to eat lunch is a very rare moment for me!) I always run to the back of the thrifts stores to where all of the big furniture lives hoping to find my next project. That’s where I ran across this beauty.

Thrift Store Table

Sure it had some dings and scratches, but overall I liked how simple it was. For an added bonus, it was solid wood. With solid wood, you can always sand it down and reinvent it.
Thrift Store Table Closup

Looking at it in the store, I still had no idea where I was going to put it. At first I walked away, but quickly came back and grabbed it. I figured for 5 bucks, I couldn’t go wrong. Even if it ended up in my garage sale pile.

I had it in our mudroom until I finally had a moment to start in on the project. This project only took up a Saturday afternoon and it was one of the cheapest projects since I owned all the things I needed to turn it into to something new.

Step 1 :: Varnish Removal

I used to make the mistake of sanding and sanding and sanding, but then I discovered varnish striper. It takes all the time out of sanding by stripping off all the old stuff in a matter of minutes. You just poor the remover onto the spots you want it removed from, wait a minute or two and use a putty knife to scrape it all off.

Varnish stripper

Within 20 minutes of starting this part, this is what I was left with.
Varnish stripper Final

Step 2 :: Sanding

Once the stripping is done, I let it dry a bit. Then I get out my little ole sander and get to work smoothing out all of the wood on the table.
Sander Table

Step 3 :: Staining

Next step is to wipe down the table with a moist paper towel or two to get all of the dust off. Then we get to see this table come to life. It is time to stain. I always use ebony on most my projects. It’s the color of our floors, so I figured the table would look great in the same stain.

Doesn’t this table look better already?
Stain Table

Step 4 :: Dipping the Legs

I really wanted my table to stand out and since I stained it the same color of my floor, I thought it would be nice to have white legs. I noticed a ton of pics on Pinterest that had dipped legs on chairs, tables and whatever else fit into a paint can. I know that it would go horribly wrong if I tried to dip them, so I went the easy route and taped off the legs at 5″ and spray painted the portion that wasn’t taped. Tip: Make sure the stain has dried or the paint will bead up.

Taped Legs

Table Leg Paint

Step 5 :: Lacquer

This is another step that you have to have patience for. You have to wait until your stain and paint has dried prior to spraying your table with lacquer. I tend to rush things, so I find the waiting period very challenging. Yes, I was the kid in back of the car asking “Are we there yet?”


No worries, I didn’t spray the lacquer on in the mudroom like this picture looks. It grew to dark too work outside (plus the bugs would start sticking to everything), so I moved it into my garage for the final steps. My husband just loves when I fill the house up with fumes from my projects!

Step 6 :: Final Touches

I just had to tighten some loose legs and replace a few screws to make this table sturdy. Then I added my felt pads to prevent the floor from scratching when the table is scooched.
Felt Pads for Table

Step 6 :: Donzo

This project is complete and ready for its new home. I chose our front room. With little guy on the loose, I will have to make sure that nothing is breakable or valuable on this table for now.

Finished Table 1

Finished Table 2

Finished Table 3

Finished Table 4

Finished Table 5

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