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Thoughts On The Nursery

I am a Air Force reservist at Whiteman, AFB, so I had to go down from Thursday to Sunday for work. This gave me a break from the house and let me think a little more of what I need for the nursery. I do not plan on doing a theme nursery (maybe an airplane here and there), but I did want to select our colors to focus on to get started on the design. I came across a fabric when I was on Fat Quarter and fell in love with it. I was able to pull the colors out of the fabric to use this for the nursery. I may go lighter or darker on some of the colors as I am designing, but here are my initial thoughts for my nursery colors.


This is the fabric swatch that gave me my coloring inspiration (I am going to use it on a small project for baby boy’s room):


Fat Quarter Fabric

We even thought that this darker color from Restoration Hardware might look good on the wall. I am still not convinced I want to go that dark though:
Restoration Hardware Nursery Color
Restoration Hardware Paint Color

My sister-in-law moved to San Francisco, so she is letting us use her crib and dresser/changing table that is all white. That gave us a bit of a jump start on the nursery.

Items left to do for the nursery:

  • 1. Find or Make Crib Bedding
  • 2. Find Window Seat Sconces
  • 3. Find Window Seat Fabric
  • 4. Make Window Seat
  • 5. Make Changing Table Cover
  • 6. Buy Bedroom Fan
  • 7. Find Baskets for Cubbies in Knee Wall
  • I am sure I have more items to do, but I think this is a good start for now.

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