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The Holes Are Dug

Today they were able to get more of the foundation prepped and the front porch holes dug for the footings. The bad part is that we are about to have another rain, so they had to bring in long hoses to drain it if it does happen. They said that hopefully they will be able to demo the inside of the house during the rain. If it doesn’t rain then they can continue doing the foundation. We are hoping it at least holds off until after 10:00am because our cement is scheduled to be poured at that time.

Front of the House

Front Porch Hole

Back of the House

One of the guys didn’t look so happy that I was taking pictures so I told him I would make sure that I didn’t get him in any of them.

Back Porch Framing3

Back Porch Framing

Back Porch Framing1

Back Porch Framing2

Fingers crossed that we don’t have any rain and if we do it only lasts for a day. Our contractor jokes that anytime he digs a hole it rains the next day, so far he has been right.

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