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Start of the Cabinets

Being gone two weeks have been really hard. I’ve missed my family a ton and I’ve missed a lot going on with the house. I can at least talk to everyone everyday to keep me going. I have two more days and I will get to be with them again! I plan to meet them at the lake after I get off of work on my final day, so I won’t see the house until Sunday. At least I have Jay sending me pictures of the house.

One of my friends text me this morning and say that there were two Miller Custom Cabinet trucks in front of my house. I figured they may be finishing the closets. I had no idea what was in store.

Check out the pictures Jay sent me:

Kitchen Cabinets

Now the room is feeling like the kitchen. I think having the cabinets in will help us settle on counter tops and cabinet colors.
Kitchen Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinets

This of course is one of my favorite rooms, because all of my crafts and sewing machine will be living here. Before I was working in our tiny upstairs closet. I would open the doors to the closet, pull out my folding chair and work sideways on top of an old dresser. It worked well for what I needed at the time, but it will be exciting to have my own place of it. I can also use it as my office when I am working from home. I am thinking I want grey quartz counter tops in this room, but I am going to keep searching around the internet to figure out what I want. Jay said it was even more impressive in person.
Laundry Room Cabinets

Mudroom Cabinets

Our microwave is going straight into the empty hole. The rest will be a pantry for extra storage. We originally did not think of having the pantry in the mudroom until speaking with our contractor. Mark pointed out that we had a ton of extra space that would be a good place to put a pantry in when we were still working with the architect. I originally wanted a drawer microwave in the kitchen, but I was talked into by everyone to put the microwave out in the mudroom. Hopefully we won’t use the microwave as much as we do our stove top.
Mudroom Pantry - Cabinets

Dining Room Cabinets

These came out amazing. I can’t wait to see it with the counters and color we pick. Not all the cabinets are in yet. This room has always been really easy to picture once we bought our table. Now we just have to figure out our light fixture.
Dining Room Cabinets

Alexa’s Room Vanity and Closet

I originally had Alexa’s closet really simple, but Mark was able to come up with a better idea. I think this will give her the best use for her space. The vanity, I am still not sure of. I am think that it’s not very girly, so I was trying to come up with an idea to help make it more feminine. I think maybe by adding some long curved legs to the front of it to make it feel like a desk may help make it feel complete. I don’t think I like the floating part of it.
Alexa's Closet

Alexa's Vanity

Downstairs Hallway Nook

This is our tiny nook in our downstairs hallway. The funny part is that Jay and I don’t really have any nick-nacks, but now we have all these bookcases to fill! I will have to stock up on bookends and books.
Downstairs Hallway

Upstairs Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases

More bookcases! We told the kids that they get their own section of the bookcase. I want to come up with an idea for bookends that have their initials or something to show whose bookcase is whose. I am liking the bookcases though. I think they turned out great.
Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases (2)

Hallway Knee Wall Bookcases

Maren’s Room Closet

The doors are wedged shut, so we don’t know if the closet is built or not. It’s a secret for now…
Maren's Bedroom Closet

Baby Boy’s Room Knee Wall Cabinets

We had a fun time coming up with how to use the knee wall. We really wanted to have the best use for this wall. A lot of old cape cods have the built in dressers. I like them, but the drawers seem to always stick or fall of their hinges. I am hoping that these will be done so well that they last a lifetime and won’t give us problems when we are 60 years old.
Baby Boy's Bedroom Knee Wall Built Ins

Baby Boy's Built In Knee Wall Dresser

Master Bathroom Cabinets

It’s not in the bathroom yet, but we got a sneak peak to how it looks.
Master Bathroom Vanity - Cabinets

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