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Stamp of Disapproval

If it wasn’t bad enough that our financing plans fell through yesterday and we have to go a different approach, our permits came back today with a big fat denied stamp on it.

Denied Plans

Denied Plans

Luckily none of the issues are major, but we will need to get the architect to redo parts of his drawings. One major issue is the door in our mudroom. With the door leading to the side of the house it has to be so far from our property line. I think Greg the architect had something up his sleeve. We also had an issue with a window in bedroom #2 not being in compliance with the egress windows. Besides that, all other issues were minor. This is the major reason why we have an architect and a contractor. Hopefully, they can collaborate and figure things out in a hurry. If everything works out right our financing and permit will be done by the beginning of next week.

House Due Date: September 15 Days Left: 150 days left
Baby Due Date: October 31 Days Left: 196 days left

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