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Staircase Mystery

One day I will find hidden stairs. I have a reoccurring dream about it all the time, but since we tore our house apart I know it won’t happen in our Cape Cod.

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I wonder if it’s finding a secret that sparks my mind or that it’s all a mystery? Where do they lead to? Why were they covered up? In this dream it connected to my bedroom and led to a ran down storage area. I was able to put in a door to connect it to my room and clean the storage / attic area and make it into my own craft room.

Our builder has built several hidden rooms in his other spaces. Oh how I wish we would have had a dead space to make one in our house when we were rebuilding, but we don’t even have an attic in a Cape Cod.

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If I ever build a house, I will for sure have a hidden room with a staircase leading to it.


Growing up, I had a friend who lived in an old farm house that had a maid’s quarters. It was always rumored to have a hidden staircase. years later my mom’s friend bought the house and remodeled. During the kitchen remodel they found the stairs hidden behind a wall. How lucky were they?

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