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So Much Is Happening

I like to refer to this past week as “Hell Week”. Work was crazy, my computer crashed and I had to work a million hours. It doesn’t happen too often, so I don’t mind except for the fact that we have so much stuff to get done with the house. I was exhausted all week long and missed having normal nights. After Sunday day, things should be back to normal and I can concentrate on my house again!

We did have to decide on a floor color this week. They mixed a 50% mixture of jacobean and ebony and then we had them apply only the ebony floor color. We were told it is more unique having just ebony, because ebony pulls a lot of green and grays out of the floor. We don’t think we will have that big of an issue, because our floors are red oak, so it helps keep the green and gray to a minimum.

Hardwood Floors
Can you tell a difference in colors? The left is jacobean and to the right is ebony.

The rest of the floors were sanded and filled before they can be stained.

Hardwood Sanding (1)

Hardwood Sanding (2)

Hardwood Sanding (3)

On a side note, I may have been working hard at work, but below are shots of how hard they worked on the house all week. All the little things are being pulled together. I plan to run by the house tonight to take pictures of all the hard work they are doing throughout this weekend.

Front of the House

The doorbell and lighting was installed this week. They also started in on the landscaping.
Front of the House - Doorbell

Front of the House - Landscaping (1)

Front of the House - Landscaping (2)

Front of the House - Start of Landscaping (1)

Front of the House - Start of Landscaping (2)


Back of the House

Landscaping mapping was started in the back.
Back of the House - Landscaping (1)

Back of the House - Landscaping (2)

Back of the House - Landscaping (3)

Front Room

They prepped the fireplace for tiling.
Fireplace - Wood Floor (1)


The garbage disposals are in and they started the backsplash. They also installed our faucets and sink. We used our old faucet, because we really liked it and the sink is identical to our old one. Maren came in and instantly recognized the sink and asked if that was our old one too, but then I reminded her how we put our old sink at the lake house.
Kitchen Backsplash

Fireplace - Wood Floor (16)

Kitchen - Sink and Faucet

Kitchen - Under lighting


Dining Room

I love how the backsplash looks with our colors. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once they grout. They also got our door hardware on. They only had a few colors to pick from with this type of Marvin door. I don’t think I am that fond of it, but it will have to do. They also di the under mount lighting in the kitchen and dining room.
Dining Room - Backsplash (2)

Dining Room - Backsplash

Dining Room - Door Hardware

Dining Room - Under Lighting


They put the hooks up on the lockers. Don’t be fooled by the letter we picked for the baby’s locker. I just had them put one of our many letters up there until we figure out a name. Jay asked if I picked that one on purpose, because it was one I must really like on our short list the most. I told him I just grabbed one of the boxes.
Mudroom - Locker Hooks

Living Room

All our hardware is now on our cabinets and our speakers throughout the house are in. I think these are temp speakers for now until our permanent ones come in.
Living Room - Cabinet Hardware (1)

Living Room - Cabinet Hardware (2)

Living Room - Speakers

Downstairs Bathroom

The only thing going on in here right now is our toilet paper holder. I hated the fact I had to put in on the cabinet, but there weren’t any other choices.
Fireplace - Wood Floor (15)

Downstairs Bathroom - Vanity

Master Bedroom

They added our fan today. Hopefully it doesn’t hang to low.
Master Bedroom - Fan

Master Bathroom

Our master bathroom tiling is finally coming to an end. They did offset our facets, so they had to break into the tile and move them over a bit. With all the work they put into that tile, I am sure it hurt to take them off.

We also got our toilets and our bathtub faucets installed.
Master Bathroom - Tile Sink and Faucet (1)

Master Bathroom - Tile Sink and Faucet (2)

Master Bathroom - Hardware (1)

Master Bathroom - Hardware (2)

Master Bathroom - Hardware (3)

Master Bathroom - Hardware (4)




Baby’s Bedroom

The baby’s room got its fan and the flush mount in the closet.

Baby's Closet - Flushmount

Baby’s Bathroom

The glass shelves are in the boy’s room. It may be awhile before he can ever use the shower, but it will be ready when he finally can!
Baby Boy Bathroom - Glass Shower Shelves (1)

Baby Boy Bathroom - Glass Shower Shelves (2)

Baby Bathroom - Shower

Baby Bathroom - Sink (2)

Baby Bathroom - Sink

Baby Bathroom - Toilet

Maren’s Bedroom

Maren got her fan too!
Marens Bedroom - Fan

Maren’s Bathroom

They had to get into her wall, so they could adjust our faucets in our master bathroom. They also got her hardware, faucets, and glass shelves in.
Marens Bathroom (1)

Marens Bathroom (2)

Marens Bathroom (3)

Basement – Tank less Water Heater

We went with the tank less water heater. We only know a few people that have them and they say that it works out well for them, so hopefully we can take simultaneous showers without any issues.
Basement - Tankless Water Heater

This was a long post with a lot of small things happening. We have about a week left and hopefully it’s time to move in!

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