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Smooth Like Butter – Excavation Time

Our yard was torn apart with all of the construction, so it was nice to have it smoothed out again. This is also something Jay has wanted to do with our house for a long time. He has always hated our grass, so he loves that the grass is dead and we can start over. Throughout the next few weeks we are going to get our actual landscaping put in, so our house will feel more complete.

Front of the House – Excavation

Front House - Excavation

Front Yard - Excavation (2)

Front Yard - Excavation

Back of the House – Excavation

Back of House - Excavation

Back of the House - Excavation (2)

Back of the House - Excavation (3)

Back of the House - Excavation

I still can’t get into the house, but Jay snapped some pictures for me. You can see a hint of what our kitchen cabinets will look like. I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the glaze, but I think we both like how it came out. I will really know for sure once the cabinets are all put back together. They are finally finishing the trim and cabinets this week and on to wall color next week. I still can’t get over that it took two weeks for just the trim and cabinets, but those guys were working hard at painting and sanding and painting again. I can’t wait until the smell goes away and I can go in and take a look myself. I have to sit outside and wait for Jay to go through to see the day’s work.

Kitchen – Cabinet Painting Kitchen - Cabinets Painted (2)

Kitchen - Cabinets Painted (3)

Kitchen - Cabinets Painted (4)

Kitchen - Cabinets Painted (5)

Kitchen - Cabinets Painted

Kitchen - Fresh Paint

Kitchen Cabinet - Painted Molding (2)

Kitchen Cabinet - Painted Molding

Front Room – Trim Paint

Front Room - Crown Molding

Front Room - Fireplace

Dining Room – Trim Paint

Dining Room - Cabinet Gray

Living Room – Trim Paint

Living Room - Fireplace Gray

Laundry Room – Trim Paint

Laundry Room - Fresh Paint

Mudroom – Trim Paint

Mudroom - Stained Bench

Alexa’s Bedroom – Trim Paint

Alexa's Room - Painted Vanity

Doors – Trim Paint

Doors - Painted

Stairs – Trim Paint

Stairs - Fresh Paint

Upstairs Hallway – Trim Paint

Upstairs Hallway - Bookcases Fresh Paint

Maren’s Bedroom – Arch

Maren’s arch went in. I didn’t know how it was going to look with trim, but it gives it a unique look for her room and adds a small amount of detail.
Maren's Room - Arch

Master Bedroom – Arch

I like how both our room and Maren’s room curved trim came out. I guess I never noticed any other house with curved trims, so I was curious throughout the process to see it. The idea of the arch was started out in our room and we reused the idea in Maren’s.
Master Bedroom - Arch

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