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Siding Issues

Our contractor called and told us that they were having issues with our siding and we would need to consider replacing it with a different type. We decided to go with Hardie siding instead of our original shingles. So they went ahead and started prepping for it. I really liked my old siding and was sad to hear that we had to do something else, but it only made sense to replace it since every piece they tried to hang was crumbling on them. It will make the job go a lot faster and in the end it’s a better siding for any future repairs.

Prep for Siding 2

Prep for Siding

Back of the House – Porch

They wired everything in for our fans and lights. We also decided to go with a heater in the center.

Porch Fan 2

Porch Fan

Dining Room

They framed in the dining room to have a 6′ opening into the living room to give the living room more privacy. We are trying to decide on just leaving it as an open door or adding in french doors. So far we decided to leave it open for now.

Dining Room Framing

Living Room

Yesterday we made the decision to pull out all of the fireplace and the cabinets in the living room since it was so old and outdated. Plus it had the paneling like the rest of the living room that we had already demolished.

Fireplace Teardown

Mud Room

Since we are getting rid of the door in the dining room (aka new kitchen) we are sealing up the old door and adding in a new one into the mudroom. They got a good start today demoing everything to get the door installation ready.
Garage Door 2

Garage Door

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