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Siding is Started

The siding was picked up and they started putting it up today. It is pretty amazing how much they already got done within one day. We were just researching and driving around the night before trying to pick the siding we want and then it’s already halfway up. Our contractor sent Jay a picture around lunchtime showing him what was already hung and we were pleased at what we saw. Considering I hated changing the siding, it did come out better then I expected.

Front of the House

Front of House Siding Prep

East Side of the House

Side Start of Siding

Back of the House

Back of House Siding Start 2

Back of House Siding Start

Main Floor Bathroom

They had already framed in the bathroom, but I really wanted the main floor bedroom to have a private entrance into the bathroom as well. Our contractor mentioned that we should add in a pocket door and flip the vanity to the opposite side that we planned. Now we have a Hollywood bathroom on the main level.

Re-framing of Downstairs Bath

Downstairs Bedroom Pocket Door

Living Room

They also ripped the rest of the fireplace cabinets out, so now we can see the exposed brick.
Fireplace Demo

Front Room

They framed in the front room from the kitchen to make the rooms feel more separate and so that the guests won’t walk right into the house and see the kitchen off the bat. We went with a 5′ opening centered off of the kitchen room.
Framing of Front Room

Laundry Room

Not sure what they were doing at all here, but it looks like they were reinforcing the walls maybe for the cabinets?
Laundry Room

Peek-a-boo Maren


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