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Shim Sham Artwork

Finished shim DIY

I can’t ever remember what they are called that Maren and I used for our project. Either way, Maren loved being able to paint them for this project.


  • Shims (or Shams)
  • Picture Frame
  • Hot Glue Gun or Liquid Nails
  • Paint
  • I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed a bunch of paints that I thought would look good in our bathroom. I cheated by grabbing a couple of pieces of paper from the scrapbook paper isle that I liked. I used that to match colors against.

    Paint Colors

    I setup a paint station for Maren to work on. She would paint on her free time after school during the week, since we weren’t in a hurry to finish this project. She painted as I cut Coen’s quilt blocks (another project I will post later.)


    Paint Shims

    One all the shims were painted, Maren and I used water and ebony stain over the top to add an extra layer of texture to help dull the colors.

    Paint Sticks 2

    Paint Sticks

    Maren ended up falling asleep while we waited for the last coat of paint to dry, so I finished out the project. I had to cut up the shims into different sizes by using a miter box and saw.
    Shim Cutting

    One all the pieces were cut, I arranged all the pieces in the picture frame. Once all the colors looked right and all the pieces were laid down, I used a hot glue gun on the back of the frame to secure the pieces.

    Shim Gluing

    Check out our finished work!
    Finished Shim

    Finished shim 1

    Finished shim 3

    Project Cost

  • Shims :: $3.45
  • Hobby Lobby Frame :: $27.99 – half off coupon = $13.99
  • Paint :: $1.07 each X 6 = $6.42
  • Stain :: already had
  • TOTAL :: $23.86
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