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See Ya Walls

Today was the most exciting day for this remodel so far. Jay sent me a picture when he stopped by the house at lunch that showed the back of the house without the walls.

Back of House Gone

They tore down the back of the house completely and framed in what our new space will be. This is the first time we can visually see what the house will eventually look like. It’s amazing what can happen in a day without rain.

Back of the House

Back of House Wall 2

Back of House Wall


Kitchen Wall 2

Kitchen Wall

Dining Room

Dining Room Wall


They added new support beams in the dining room to help distribute the new load from the expansion.
Beams 2

Beams 3


Living Room

Living Room Wall 2

Living Room Wall

Laundry Room / Mud Room

Laundry Room Wall 2

Laundry Room Wall

Maren’s Room

Marens Wall 2

Marens Wall

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