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Rug Pad Cutting Made Easy – No Measuring Needed

One thing with having wood floors is that we have a rug in every room. With that comes a rug pad. One thing I have learned about rug pads is that they never fit perfectly and I always have to trim them. I found the similiest solution in cutting it. Sometimes its the small things that help make a job go fast.

I first put the rug and rug pad down trying to cover the rug pad as much as I can. I always let it sit for a little while so I know that the rug is going to lay properly.

Then on the sides that have the rug pad peaking out, I lift up the rug to expose the rug pad.


I then trim about two inches long with a width equal to the amount I need cut off. I them take the two inches I cut and fold it up (this becomes my template), lining the cut portion with the part I am about to cut.


Rug Pad Cutting

Rug Pad Remenants

This saved me so much time at trying to measure and draw a line down the area I plan to cut.

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