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Room Assignments

We finally decided on where each kid’s new home will be. We were holding off until we officially found out what we were having. The plan was if it was a girl, Maren would share Bedroom #1 and Alexa would get Bedroom #2. The downstairs would become a guest room. We had no clue what to do if it was a boy nor did I really think it was a possibility we would be having one since we had been “girl” parents for so long.
Boy were we in for a surprise to find out that we were expecting a little boy! I think Alexa’s first words when we found out were “Oh man, now I have to go to my old room again!”
So our final decision was to put Baby Boy into Bedroom #1, Maren into Bedroom #2 and Alexa will get her original room downstairs. Alexa had a pretty good attitude towards it all, so we decided to try to figure out something special and unique for her room. That’s how the pocket door was added to the bathroom and a vanity area by her closet came into play.

Here is the final assignment:
Alexas Room

Marens Room

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