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Rocking Chair Rehab

Prior to having Coen, I found this awesome little rocking chair at an estate sale. I talked the people down to selling it to me for five bucks, which I felt was an awesome price. It had seen better days and was an ugly yellow stain color.

I couldn’t decide what I should do after I sanded it, plus I had the move and the baby coming up so I just left is sanded.

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Finally I remembered my little project I had started, so I grabbed it form my mother-in-laws house while we were on a walk. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit under the stroller so I had to literally carry it a mile to my house. We passed a ton of people who had to make their silly remarks, but who could blame them. I was that weird women who was taking her chair for a walk.

On my walk home I stopped into the hardware store near our house to decide if I would stain it or paint it a color. I have another project in the works that I plan to stain ebony, so I decided to paint it a bright orange. I have huge hesitation about painting beautiful wood especially wood that I have taken the time to sand down, but I really wanted the contrast in his room.

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I loved how it turned out and my five month old is now able to set pretty well on it (with supervision of course).

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Warning: make sure it dries. I was eager to plop him in the chair after only 15 hours of dry time and this orange wore off onto his skin just a little.

I may eventually sew a small pillow or padding for the chair, but for now I am just enjoying the color. Plus his owl now has a home.

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