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Ready For the Roofing

I came over to check on the house around 5:45 tonight and noticed a crew at the house. Driving up they looked like they were packing up getting ready to go, but when I got closer I noticed that they were unloading. They were just starting their work, which I can’t blame them with this heat. I ran inside to get somethings and check to see if anything happened today, while I was in there it sounded like my house was falling apart with all the scrapping and I was trapped trying to get back outside from all the falling shingles. I was shocked how fast they flew through taking off the roof. Around 6:10 I came out of the house and all of the roof was almost off. We decided to come back by at 8:00PM and they were wrapping things up. They had everything done and prepped to start putting on the new roof.

Front of the House

Starting the demo on the new roof….
Start of the New Roof

When they left today….
Halfway Through Roof (2)

Halfway Through Roof

Back of the House

Notice the new walls are now up.
Back of the House Bedroom 2 Frame

Bedroom #2

The walls are up now and the rest of the floor is in.
Bedroom #2

Living Room

All of the HVAC stuff is in and ready to go.
HVAC is in

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