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Quick Burp Clothes

We need tons of burp clothes ever since we switched to formula. I found that making them out of flannel with a batting inside has worked the best.

Easy Burp Cloths

This week Jo-Ann’s had their flannel marked down to 60%, so it ended up only being around $2.50 a yard. I had the batting lying around. For some reason I bought a ton of it right before Coen was born.

For a template, I just find a burp cloth that I like and cut off of that. I also stack all of my flannel and batting into one pile, so they all are cut at one time. It saves me from remeasuring each time. You will need one piece of batting and two flannel cuts.

I lay my batting down first and lay the first flannel piece with the pattern towards me down.
Easy Burp Cloths Step 1

Take your other flannel piece and lay it on top of the other flannel. This time have the pattern facing down.

Easy Burp Cloths - Step 2

You will want to pin it all together to hold while you sew. Make sure you leave a hole big enough to flip the burp cloth inside out. The first few times I made a tiny hole and it took me forever to flip. This past time, I made a bigger one and it saved me a lot of time. You end up sewing it all up in the end.

Easy Burp Cloths Step 3

Once you sew it you will want to make sure to cut the corners prior to flipping it out.
Easy Burp Cloths Step 5

After flipping it out, pin the hole down. Now you will want to topstitch (sew around the edges very closely) all the way around to close off the hole.

Easy Burp Cloths Step 6

That is all you have to do to create a simple burp cloth. Pretty easy.

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