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Picking Exterior Paint and Meeting Neighbors

Our main objective this weekend was to finalize our exterior paint color. We had just repainted our house a year or two ago and went through this. It’s horrible. I hate trying to figure out what paint color will work. I had assumed that we would use the same since we would still have some of the color on our house, but since they replaced our siding 100% we have to do this again. We drove around all evening looking at houses and we though we spot one that we really liked. Just like last time we did this, I did that awkward thing where I hopped out and asked the owner of the house if I could match my paint swatches to it. Luckily everyone has always been really nice about it. Last time one person painted a board for me to match it another just explained how they picked it. This time the lady was super nice and offered to let me borrow a can of paint with the formula on it, so I could paint part of the house and then be able to order it. She was so nice and helpful.
That color was a little to brown for us, so we went with a more grey color. We chose Benjamin Moore Storm Cloud Grey 2140-40 for the body of the house and Benjamin Moore Winter White OC-21 for our trim.
Exterior Paint
Now onto interior paint. This is more difficult than I thought. We have to pick wall, trim, cabinets and ceilings and it is hard to focus on each room.

We also widened our water pipe to help with water pressure. They got that done pretty quickly on Friday:
Water Pipe (2)

Water Pipe

Below are recent pics from Friday. They are doing a great job on tiling. I never realized how slow it is to tile, but that just shows that they are taking their time and doing it right.

Baby Boy’s Bathroom Tile

Baby Boy's Room Penny Round Tile

Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start (2)

Baby Boy's Room Subway Tile Start

Downstairs Bathroom – Finish Laying the Tile

Main Floor Bathroom Carrera Tile

Maren’s Bathroom Tile

Maren's Bathroom Tile

Master Bathroom Tile

Master Bathroom Wall Tile Start

Master Bedroom Tub

Upstairs Hallway – Trim and Cabinet

All of the trim is being put upstairs. They pretty much have it all done downstairs except for some areas I want done for imperfections.
Upstairs Hallway Cabinet Trim

Upstairs Hallway Trim (2)

Upstairs Hallway Trim (3)

Upstairs Hallway Trim

Front Room Fireplace Mantel

I love how this is coming out. I like the detail around the top of the mantle.
Front Room Fireplace Mantel Start

Living Room Trim

Living Room Mantle Trim

Living Room Trim

Source: https://hallinteriors.com.au/

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