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Party Planning

Coen’s first birthday is coming soon and we have a lot of planning to do! Hopefully I will share as I make progress on my punch list.

Coen’s 1st Birthday Punch List

  • Cake :: No party is officially a party without cake
  • Decorations :: We need plenty of party decorations and decorations for his birthday photos
  • Smash Cake :: This boy needs a tiny cake to have at his party and at his photography session
  • Quilt :: I am making him a special bday quilt for his birthday. It is made from his fabric from his weekly photo shoot
  • Invitation :: We have to have guests!
  • Photos :: I want to create a book of his weekly and monthly shots
  • Halloween Costumes :: Out of all of this work, I still need a Halloween costume for him! It has to be good since it’s his first
  • I did get one thing done… His bday invitation. I used to get the pictures sized correctly (140 X 145). I then created a new image with a size of 5 X 7 and then added all my resized ones. Once I had everything arranged the way I liked it, I saved it as a “.jpg” and opened it up in to finish the edit. I found this site and fell in love with it!

    BDAY Announement Final

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