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We have been trying to come up with colors for over a few months now for our walls, but we finally buckled down for the last two evenings and decided on most of the colors. We already had to come up with the cabinet and trim colors, but the wall colors were hard to decide on. Technically our painters only gave us seven color options without an additional charge, which is not easy to stick with. Lucky for us it seems like we are on a gray kick. Either gray blue, gray green or plain gray – it was still all in the gray family. Even Alexa wanted gray in her room. Maren is the only one that ended up doing her own thing (if you don’t count her light gray bathroom) and choosing a light teal.

I tried organizing our paint choices by creating a large paper chart with all the rooms we had to pick colors in. As we picked colors, I stuck the color swatch for that room in its grid and noted all colors in that room (trim, wall, cabinets, ceiling). I figured if we could visually see it all then we can know where we plan to reuse colors. Plus it helped to keep track of our 7 color limit. Although, if truth be told, I was willing to go over on colors if needed to get the right look. We just happen to settle for just the 7 colors.

Paint Decisions

I also cheated today and ran through the house holding my breath. I think it will be my last time doing that, because I hate thinking I am breathing that in and hurting the little guy. I did snap some pictures of all the paint prepping they are doing. Plus they finished sanding and staining the stairs, which we are not caring for at the moment on how it turned out. I was told the sheen will die down a little and they can dull it more if I still don’t like it later, although it does look a lot better than what it was before:

Stairs New Stain

Stairs - Stain

Check out all the prepping going on in the house:

Alexa’s Bedroom – Paint Prep

Alexa's Room - Paint Prep

Baby’s Bathroom – Paint Prep

Baby Bathroom - Paint Prep

Baby’s Bedroom – Paint Prep

Baby Bedroom - Paint Prep

Downstairs Bathroom – Paint Prep

Bathroom - Paint Prep

Dining Room – Paint Prep

Dining Room - Paint Prep

Front Room – Paint Prep

Front Room - Paint Prep

Kitchen – Paint Prep

Kitchen - Paint Prep

Laundry Room – Paint Prep

Laundry Room - Paint Prep

Maren’s Bathroom – Paint Prep

Maren's Room - Paint Prep

Master Bathroom – Paint Prep

Master Bathroom - Paint Prep (2)

Master Bathroom - Paint Prep

Mudroom – Paint Prep

Mudroom - Paint Prep

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