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Rocking Chair Rehab

Prior to having Coen, I found this awesome little rocking chair at an estate sale. I talked the people down to selling it to me for five bucks, which I felt was an awesome price. It had seen better days and was an ugly yellow stain color.

I couldn’t decide what I should do after I sanded it, plus I had the move and the baby coming up so I just left is sanded.

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00009

Finally I remembered my little project I had started, so I grabbed it form my mother-in-laws house while we were on a walk. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit under the stroller so I had to literally carry it a mile to my house. We passed a ton of people who had to make their silly remarks, but who could blame them. I was that weird women who was taking her chair for a walk.

On my walk home I stopped into the hardware store near our house to decide if I would stain it or paint it a color. I have another project in the works that I plan to stain ebony, so I decided to paint it a bright orange. I have huge hesitation about painting beautiful wood especially wood that I have taken the time to sand down, but I really wanted the contrast in his room.

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00001

I loved how it turned out and my five month old is now able to set pretty well on it (with supervision of course).

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00004

Warning: make sure it dries. I was eager to plop him in the chair after only 15 hours of dry time and this orange wore off onto his skin just a little.

I may eventually sew a small pillow or padding for the chair, but for now I am just enjoying the color. Plus his owl now has a home.

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00008

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00007

Village Cape Cod - Rocking Chair 00005

Maren Has a Point

I cut my hair off a few months ago. Did I tell you I hated it? The lady went super super short. Boy hair short. I came home feeling sad and wondering what the hell I just did to myself. Luckily my husband said he loved it (and he doesn’t sugar coat or lie about these things, although at times I wish he did.) Anyway, Maren, my eight year old caught on to my sadness. Her and her ornerinous came up to me and said “Now you know how I feel everytime you force me to cut my hair short.” Damn if she isn’t right. Good point little! I instantly told her that she can grow her hair out as long as she would like if she kept it cleaned and brushed. By her reaction, you would have thought she won the lotto.

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00002

Isn’t her hair so cute short!

From here on out – my girls will have long hair! (As I am constantly reminded by Maren of my promise everytime I am braiding her hair.)

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00003

Not convinced on my boy’s hair growing out yet (first haircut at 7 weeks.) I do still have a little military in me.

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00001

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00004

Staircase Mystery

One day I will find hidden stairs. I have a reoccurring dream about it all the time, but since we tore our house apart I know it won’t happen in our Cape Cod.

Village Cape Cod - Staircase 00001

I wonder if it’s finding a secret that sparks my mind or that it’s all a mystery? Where do they lead to? Why were they covered up? In this dream it connected to my bedroom and led to a ran down storage area. I was able to put in a door to connect it to my room and clean the storage / attic area and make it into my own craft room.

Our builder has built several hidden rooms in his other spaces. Oh how I wish we would have had a dead space to make one in our house when we were rebuilding, but we don’t even have an attic in a Cape Cod.

If I ever build a house, I will for sure have a hidden room with a staircase leading to it.


Growing up, I had a friend who lived in an old farm house that had a maid’s quarters. It was always rumored to have a hidden staircase. years later my mom’s friend bought the house and remodeled. During the kitchen remodel they found the stairs hidden behind a wall. How lucky were they?

Freedom from a Fence

Our fence is going in today. It seems like such a small thing to have happen, but when you have a pain in the butt dog – it matters. It matter big time! We now have the freedom to open our back door without our dog squeezing around us and playing catch me if you can throughout the neighborhood. And we all know this happens when your hands are completely full with a baby and soccer gear, you are already 10 minutes late and nobody is around to help. I’ve even done it in the middle of the night wearing only my pajamas and no shoes after a fresh snow. It’s not fun and this fence is worth every penny!

Awww… Freedom

Before Fence

Village Cape Cod - New Fence00001

After Fence

Village Cape Cod - New Fence00002

Let me mention the time I tried it myself. When we first moved in this side of the fence was falling down, so I thought “How hard would it be to stretch the existing fence and add a pole to reinforce it?” There is a reason why there are professionals out there!
You have to have the following tools:
Fence 2


Let’s just say it was majorly uneven and didn’t look quite right. At least I know a little about fences now. Mainly that I can never mend one myself. I will just stick to sewing (which I don’t claim to be a pro at by any means.)

Walk Like an Egyptian

I was told that I needed to make a costume the other weekend for a class project on Saturday. It was followed with a “Oh, by the way, it is due on Monday.” Not something you want to hear headed into the weekend, but we managed to pull it off.

My goal was to make it look something like this:

Originally, we planned on making it all out of material, but it occurred to me that we could probably find a dress at the thrift store. Luckily we did. We found this long white dress that had a lace butterfly on the outside and a white lining on the inside. It was perfect. Plus the gold material to make the dress part was $18 at Hobby Lobby and this dress was only $5.99. The fabric store takes back any material you by as long as you don’t alter or wash it.

Alexa cut the lacey butterfly off and it was perfect.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00001

I used batting to reinforce everything. Luckily, I bought it awhile ago on sale.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00002

I basically did a circle for the collar, folded it in half and sewed in on the sides to make it stick out like her collar. Below is the belt. I put Velcro on it to make it easy for her to take on and off.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00003

I didn’t worry about making it perfect. I figured it was a one time wear, although she did like it so much that she wants to wear it for Halloween next year.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00004

The whole time I had two songs running through my head: Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles and Cleopatra, Queen of Denial by Pam Tillis. I cranked Walk Like an Egyptian on our speakers and Maren exclaimed “This is going to scar me for life.” That explains all of the 80’s. According to Maren, we can blame it solely on that song. I explained to her that they were a cool band and everyone loved their music, but she wasn’t buying it.

I think it turned out pretty good for knocking it out in one afternoon and the main thing is that Alexa loved it. I thought she looked great for her school project.
Village Cape Cod - Cleopatra 00005

Avocado Time

Coen had his first bite of food at four months. We didn’t go the traditional text book route of feeding him cereal. We chose to feed him avocado for his first bite. Jay did a bunch of research on what to feed Coen, he was convinced that it was the best way to go. I definitely was on board so that we can encourage him to eat healthy right from the start. Plus, I figured it would be fine no matter what you pick for your child as long as its a healthy choice, since its recommended that you start adding foods at 4 – 6 months. Avocado has those healthy fats that help with brain development.


Here are some sites supporting cereal alternatives:

  • Image00001

    During this week, we also added yogurt and carrots to his diet. Next week we will add banana as his first fruit.

    Enjoying the Outside

    We have insane weather in the Midwest. Once second we will have short sleeve, flip-flop weather and then the next day we are wearing our coats. Last year on the day we broke ground, it was May 2nd and of course it snowed. See the blog post here: This weekend it was no different. We heard Saturday would hit 70 degrees and by that next morning we would have a light snow on the ground. We didn’t want to miss the chance to tackle the shed and garage.

    Before Shed

    A ton of our furniture in here is going on Craigslist. I will miss my porch swing, but our new porch doesn’t have room for it.
    Village Cape Cod-Outside Cleanup00002

    Before Garage

    Everything had to go out to get this place cleaned and swept, but our bag of mortar. I don’t know how we are going to move it to our basement!
    Village Cape Cod-Outside Cleanup00003

    The entire family chipped in, some of use complaining the whole time, but we got it cleaned out and organized. Note to self: Never leave grass seed in the shed. The outcome is not nice. The ground squirrels and mice lived in it. We found a ton of evidence they left for us.

    After Shed

    This shed has an upstairs too. You can see the stairs in the picture. I did climb up to store my shutters and flower boxes up there. I cherish these items, because a good friend that has passed made them for our house. I think they will be pretty protected up there, so if we ever decided to put them back on the house we will have them. Eventually, I will clean the upstairs of the sheet out. It has a bunch of old wood and blinds that the person before us put up there. I just haven’t had the time to do it yet.
    Village Cape Cod-Outside Cleanup00006

    After Garage

    Some of this stuff is going on Craigslist; the rest will stay in the garage. I want to organize it like I had before with pegboards to hang everything on. Originally we didn’t have sheet rock on the walls, but we had to put it up to pass inspection. We thought about tearing it down, but I am sure it would be more of a mess then it is worth.
    Village Cape Cod-Outside Cleanup00004

    Once summer hits, I am going to power wash the shed and garage to get it really cleaned out. Even with the nice weather, I didn’t want to attempt to do that. It’s a good thing we got to it on Saturday, because this is what we woke up to this morning:

    Village Cape Cod-Outside Cleanup00001

    I Survived

    This week I survived my first time away from my little one for five whole days. It was hard and I was ready to come home on day one. Prior to leaving, I prayed for the weather to be bad so our flight was delayed hoping it would give me just a little longer with the family. Who does that? A mom with a baby and little girls that she has to leave. The older ones are a little easier to be a way from for short terms, because they can Facetime with me so I can still feel apart of their life. With the baby I am not there to get any reaction at all. In all of my sadness of being a part, I did Google “Does your baby forget you in one week?” OK, I know that is silly, but I think every mom thinks that when they leave their baby for the first time. I have to thank Google for all of the responses. Apparently they do not forget you, but at least other parents have this reaction. Some replies did point out that you can leave a shirt or something that smells like you and a recording of your voice, but lets’ face it… I am not that organized.

    I don’t think it ever get easier being away from your children. I hope they don’t mind me being their roommate in their college dorms, because I think that I will go back to college just for that reason. I can’t imagine what it will be like when they move away from the house and go off on their own. I am sure I will be Googling “Will my college student forget me in one week?” Maybe I will be a cool enough mom that they will Facebook me when they are older. It could happen.


    It hasn’t been all fun and games

    If you have ever remodeled or built a house then you probably already know some of the areas we will cover in this post. Major lessons I had to learn. Below are some of our lessons.

    You want everything to stay mint condition. It took us a little while before we hung anything. We had these beautiful brand new walls and neither of us wanted to put a hole in them or accidentally mess up and drill wrong. It was stressful hanging those first few pictures. I also feel sorry for anyone that came over after the floors were done. I followed them around to make sure that they didn’t scratch the floors.

    You notice EVERYTHING. From a slight shoe scruff on your wood floors to something that was missed during painting that only by hanging upside down you would notice. One person said to scratch something just to get over it. Gradually you do get over it, but it takes a few weeks to a few months before you settle in and aren’t as worried.

    You will have regrets. Nobody ever gets it right the first time. There are things I wish that I had thought of. Like my washer and dryer. I hate how it sticks out. Eventually, I will build a shelf to go over it to hide it. I also wished that I had all the locks brought to a locksmith prior to them hanging so that they were on the same key, was the best time to call Access Locksmiths. Right now I have a million keys to the different doors. That is something I will have to do later on.

    Washer Dryer Gap

    Even new things break. Lucky for us we have a good contractor and he helps us with anything. Our first week in our alarm to our front door broke, our tankless water heater kept freezing and our soft close on our doors popped off. Maren’s ceiling around the chimney leaked even (which they quickly fixed that day.)


    Cracks will pop up. The house settles, cracks show. Not humongous or anything, but at the new house settles, the paint will tend to crack. The nice part is that our painters will come up to a year to fix any of these things.

    Overall we have had a pretty easy experience.

    Quick Burp Clothes

    We need tons of burp clothes ever since we switched to formula. I found that making them out of flannel with a batting inside has worked the best.

    Easy Burp Cloths

    This week Jo-Ann’s had their flannel marked down to 60%, so it ended up only being around $2.50 a yard. I had the batting lying around. For some reason I bought a ton of it right before Coen was born.

    For a template, I just find a burp cloth that I like and cut off of that. I also stack all of my flannel and batting into one pile, so they all are cut at one time. It saves me from remeasuring each time. You will need one piece of batting and two flannel cuts.

    I lay my batting down first and lay the first flannel piece with the pattern towards me down.
    Easy Burp Cloths Step 1

    Take your other flannel piece and lay it on top of the other flannel. This time have the pattern facing down.

    Easy Burp Cloths - Step 2

    You will want to pin it all together to hold while you sew. Make sure you leave a hole big enough to flip the burp cloth inside out. The first few times I made a tiny hole and it took me forever to flip. This past time, I made a bigger one and it saved me a lot of time. You end up sewing it all up in the end.

    Easy Burp Cloths Step 3

    Once you sew it you will want to make sure to cut the corners prior to flipping it out.
    Easy Burp Cloths Step 5

    After flipping it out, pin the hole down. Now you will want to topstitch (sew around the edges very closely) all the way around to close off the hole.

    Easy Burp Cloths Step 6

    That is all you have to do to create a simple burp cloth. Pretty easy.

    Rug Pad Cutting Made Easy – No Measuring Needed

    One thing with having wood floors is that we have a rug in every room. With that comes a rug pad. One thing I have learned about rug pads is that they never fit perfectly and I always have to trim them. I found the similiest solution in cutting it. Sometimes its the small things that help make a job go fast.

    I first put the rug and rug pad down trying to cover the rug pad as much as I can. I always let it sit for a little while so I know that the rug is going to lay properly.

    Then on the sides that have the rug pad peaking out, I lift up the rug to expose the rug pad.


    I then trim about two inches long with a width equal to the amount I need cut off. I them take the two inches I cut and fold it up (this becomes my template), lining the cut portion with the part I am about to cut.


    Rug Pad Cutting

    Rug Pad Remenants

    This saved me so much time at trying to measure and draw a line down the area I plan to cut.

    …and we are back

    I took a few months off from blogging to play with our little man. Might I say he has grown so much into the cutest baby ever (of course I am partial.)


    Things haven’t stopped going on at the Adams’s household. We have a lot of catching up to do. We are settling into the house and getting used to being parents of a baby. This has been awhile, so we are slowly getting the hang of it.

    Here is a quick catchup of what has been going on with the house.

    Living Room

    We did a lot to this room and we are pretty much complete. The few things we have left are the curtains and a coffee table. I think we are going to go with a dark brown roman wood shade similar to what we had before and for now we aren’t concerned about the coffee table. We enjoy having the baby lay on the floor and play. Eventually we will get either an ottoman or a coffee table.

    Can you spot the sleeping baby?




    I also had to throw this image in. Its my favorite baby must have and I have been purchasing it as a present for any of my friends expecting. It come in handy to hold all baby essentials. I had one when Maren was younger, but it was a simple basket I had on the floor next to the couch. Nothing that looked this nice. I got mine off of Amazon here: Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy, White Waffle


    Dining Room

    The dining room is also pretty much done for the most part. One addition is our new highchair. Coen got it from Santa, but you can get it here: Summer Infant Bentwood High Chair
    It’s nice to have Coen at the table with us when we are eating dinner, plus it turns into a toddler chair when he gets a little older.







    The kitchen really didn’t need anything added to it. Eventually I would like to get a curtain, but I am pretty happy with everything right now. We did get new stools for the kids. They come in sets of 2, but we only needed three. Now we have a spare sitting in the basement. Ours is from Target, but you can find similar ones on Amazon here: Tabouret 24-inch Metal Counter Stools (Set of 2)





    I have a lot still to do in this room. I want to make the boxes in the lockers have actual chalk board in them. Right now they are just black painted wood. I also want to add a hanger for the dog leash and frame a picture Jay got us after we found I was pregnant. Here it is so far:




    Laundry Room

    I did my first official sewing project this weekend in here and I loved it. It was so much easier then the closet I had before.







    So that’s our quick catch up. We still have so much to do with this house and eventually we will get to it.

    Coen’s Coming Home

    I’ve been absent from writing since it was time to have Coen! We had him on October 25th weighing in at a huge 9lbs 14oz and he was 21 inches long. It already feels like he’s been a part of our family forever now. The girls love him and we are so lucky he is happy and healthy.


    First day into the world


    Alexa’s first time meeting her brother.


    Maren’s first time meeting her brother.




    Coen on his lights to help fix his jaundice.


    Coen’s first ride home.



    Coen made it home for Halloween.


    My Hungry Caterpillar




    Step Stool Redo

    One of the main things I noticed as the house was being done was that the closets all are super tall. Both girls (and the baby) can’t reach the top shirt rack of their closets. So I looked into finding step stools for them all. The main thing was that it had to be pretty tall. Alexa could do a shorter one, but Maren and the baby’s closet will be tall for them for a while. Plus they both will need one for their bathrooms.

    The best and cheapest one I found by far was Ikea. Of course Kansas City doesn’t have an Ikea anywhere around (although we are getting one in 2014!), however, they do deliver. I was pretty shocked, because the items they are willing to ship are slim pickings. I also picked the natural wood ones so I could do whatever I wanted with them. These are the final step stools I decided on: IkeaStool
    Click here for a link to the stool.

    I’ve bought other unfinished items from them and they are perfect to stain or paint. I knew they would come without varnish on them.

    I started searching around the internet and found tons of people have done Ikea hacks on this stool. The one I really loved was this one:
    IkeaHackClick here to see the website with this stool.

    It came like this:
    Ikea Stool Project (5)

    I went through and laid out all of the parts and grabbed the ones I wanted painted verses the ones I was going to stain.

    Ikea Stool Project (7)

    Ikea Stool Project (8)

    I kept hesitating to bring them in because I didn’t want to move them while they were wet or bring in the paint smell into the house, so of course I pushed my luck and it started raining. Jay had to run out with an umbrella through our muddy back yard and grab them for me. Luckily I was able to dry them and no damage was done.

    Next I had to stain the steps:
    Ikea Stool Project (9)

    Then I assembled and added the felt to the bottom to avoid scratching.
    Ikea Stool Project (6)

    And finally done! I am still trying to decide on whether or not to polyurethane the tops or leave natural.

    Ikea Stool Project (3)

    The girls loved their new stools. Now I need two more, one for downstairs and one for the baby’s room.
    Ikea Stool Project (1)

    Week 1 – In Progress

    So it’s slowly starting to feel like home again. Every night we have items falling into their right places and we are setting into our routines. This is perfect, because it makes me a little calmer to think that I will have a baby here pretty soon.

    Some of the changes that happened this past week are:

  • Moving in more boxes (I am sure this will be steady for a while)
  • Finish audio/visual
  • Landscaping Started
  • Tile / Floor touchups
  • Finish Fireplace in the Living Room

  • Front of the House

    Landscaping went in!
    Front of House - First Week (1)

    Front of House - First Week (2)

    Front Room

    Front Room - First Week (1)

    Front Room - First Week (2)


    The audio panels went in today to control the different zones.
    Kitchen - First Week (1)

    Kitchen - First Week (2)

    Kitchen - First Week (3)

    Kitchen - First Week (4)

    Dining Room

    Dining Room - First Week


    Mudroom - First Week (1)

    Mudroom - First Week (2)

    Laundry Room

    Laundry Room - First Week

    Living Room

    Living Room - first Week (3)

    Living Room - first Week (4)

    Downstairs Bathroom

    They finished up the bathroom tile in the downstairs bathroom. Now they need to hang the shower curtain and we are almost in business.
    Downstairs Bathroom - First Week (1)

    Downstairs Bathroom - First Week (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom - First Week (3)

    Alexa’s Bedroom

    Alexa's Bedroom - First Week (1)

    Alexa's Bedroom - First Week (2)

    Downstairs Hallway

    Downstaris Hallway - First Week

    Upstairs Hallway

    Upstairs Hallway - First Week (1)

    Upstairs Hallway - First Week (2)

    Master Bedroom

    Master Bedroom - First Week (1)

    Master Bedroom - First Week (2)

    Master Bedroom - First Week (3)

    Master Bedroom - First Week (4)

    Master Bathroom

    Master Bathroom - First Week (1)

    Master Bathroom - First Week (2)

    Master Bathroom - First Week (3)

    Master Bathroom - First Week (4)

    Baby’s Bedroom

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (1)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (2)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (3)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (4)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (5)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (6)

    Baby Boy's Room - First Week (7)

    Baby’s Bathroom

    Baby Boy's Bathroom - First Week (1)

    Baby Boy's Bathroom - First Week (2)

    Maren’s Bedroom

    Maren's Room - First Week (1)

    Maren's Room - First Week (2)

    Maren's Room - First Week (3)

    Maren's Room - First Week (4)

    Maren's Room - First Week (5)

    Move In Week

    Moving In - Garage

    This is our move in week! I am excited that the day is finally here and we get to move in. We started on Sunday and the house is far from being ready, but as every day passes we feel like its home again. On the downside, I do get frustrated that I can’t do as much as I would since I am a few weeks out from having this baby!

    The girls have both done an amazing job at helping me carry and move items to their rooms and being my little assistants.

    Here are the girls the first night in the house. They had to share Maren’s bed since Alexa’s wasn’t setup, but they didn’t mind sharing as long as they got to stay at the house. It took a few days, but Alexa finally got her bed.

    Girls First Night

    Below are our shower doors. They went in right before our move.

    Bathroom - Shower Doors

    Maren loved her new shower doors and mentioned that she will be able to reach the top when she is a teenager.

    Marens Bathroom - Shower Doors

    We also had the audio visual guy come out and install some of our items. He has to return next week to finish, but at least got all of our TV’s up in time for the AT&T guy to come today.

    Audio Visual

    I took the next few days off of work to help organize/unpack and my family is coming over on Friday to help thankfully too!

    Below are shots of our chaos.

    Back of the House

    Back Porch - Painted Shutters

    Backporch - prep for stone (1)

    Backporch - prep for stone (2)

    Front Room

    Front Room - First Week


    Kitchen - First Week

    Dining Room

    Dining Room - First Week (1)

    Dining Room - First Week (2)


    Mudroom - First Week

    Laundry Room

    Laundry Room - First Week

    Living Room

    Living Room - First Week (1)

    Living Room - First Week (2)

    Downstairs Hallway

    Downstairs hallway - First Week

    Upstairs Hallway

    Uncovered Stairs (1)

    Uncovered Stairs (2)

    Upstairs Hallway (1)

    Upstairs Hallway (2)

    Master Bedroom

    Mater Bedroom - First Week (1)

    Mater Bedroom - First Week (2)

    Master Bathroom

    Master Bathroom - First Week (1)

    Master Bathroom - First Week (2)

    Baby’s Bedroom

    Baby's Room - First Week (1)

    Baby's Room - First Week (2)


    Baby's Closet - First Week (1)

    Baby's Closet - First Week (2)

    Baby’s Bathroom

    Babys Bathroom - First Week

    Appliances Are In

    It’s fun to go in and see all the small things happening each day. It’s almost like an Easter egg hunt at this point. Today they got all of the appliances in, put in the glass door in one of the bathrooms, painted our front doors, hung all our outdoor lights… I am excited to see what is tackled tomorrow. I still see all the things that need to be done and there are tons, so hopefully it all pulls together!

    Our contractor also started to put his blue tape everywhere where the paint needs touched up. See all the blue tape throughout the hallway:

    Upstairs Hallway - Paint Patching

    Front of the House

    They painted the door red. When I see that I always think of the song “Paint It Black” by Rolling Stones. I had to keep this door red. It just helps to add the extra color our house needs. They also added our other lantern above the garage. They accidentally added the wrong one above the garage last week, so it’s nice to see this one that goes with our portico one.
    Front of the House - Red Door (1)

    Front of the House - Red Door (2)

    Front of the House - Red Door (3)

    Back of the House

    The rails are painted white now and they added all our outdoor lights. Now we just have to wait until our porch stone comes in.
    Back of the House - Painted Upper Porch (2)

    Back of the House - Painted Upper Porch


    West Side of the House

    See our beautiful light. It matches all the ones in the back.
    West Side of the House - Light

    Front Room

    I really hated losing our losing our fireplace brick, but because of code we had to add a wider tile to it. Thank goodness that I ended up loving how this turned out. It’s not fully done yet, but I know it will look great.
    Front Room - Fireplace Tile (1)

    Front Room - Fireplace Tile (2)


    All the appliances are in now. It’s making it feel more like a kitchen. They also lowered the lights and I like it so much better. The length we had before never felt right to me. This length is perfect.
    Kitchen - Appliances (1)

    Kitchen - Appliances (2)

    Kitchen - Appliances (3)

    Kitchen - Appliances (4)

    Kitchen - Appliances (5)

    Kitchen - Appliances (6)

    Kitchen - Appliances (7)


    Dining Room

    Our awesome drink fridge is in. This will be nice to have drinks and wine in although I don’t like chilled wine. I tend to like dry, warm reds. We will just have to put water and juice boxes in it too!
    Dining Room - Appliance

    Dining Room - Appliances

    Downstairs Bathroom

    More tiles went up and it’s almost done.
    Downstairs Bathroom - Tile

    Master Bathroom

    Out bathroom lights are in. Now I still need to find the mirror and we are almost done.
    Master Bathroom - Lights

    Baby’s Bathroom

    The glass shower went in and the mirror went up. The bathroom is almost complete!
    Baby's Bathroom - Glass Shower (1)

    Baby's Bathroom - Glass Shower (2)

    Baby's Bathroom - Mirror (1)

    Baby's Bathroom - Mirror (2)

    Maren’s Bathroom

    I bought Maren’s mirror a long time ago off of craigslist from someone redoing their bathroom. Unfortunately, it got a little dirty from storing it in the basement during the remodel, but nothing Windex won’t cure.
    Maren's Bathroom - Mirror (2)

    Maren's Bathroom - Mirror (3)

    Maren's Bathroom - Wall Patch

    Carpet Is In

    I stopped by around 10:45AM coming home from my doctor’s appointment and there were so many people working on the house. We had the tile guys, carpet installers, electrician, landscaping, painters, plumbers… You name it and they were at the house. Here’s what I snapped so far. I can’t wait to go back and see what else is done.

    Mudroom – Lighting

    No shock on what light we chose. We picked this one for almost all our lights.
    Mudroom - light

    Downstairs Bathroom – Tile

    I can’t wait to see all of the tile grouted.
    Downstairs Bathroom - Tub Tile (1)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Tub Tile (2)

    Upstairs Hallway – Lighting

    Same light as the front room and mudroom.
    Upstairs - Hallway Light

    Upstairs - Hallway Light (2)

    Master Bedroom – Carpet

    Not sure that I am diggin’ the color, but I think once the furniture is in all the rooms I will like it more. It is super soft though.

    Master Bedroom - Carpet Padding

    Master Bedroom - Carpet

    Baby’s Bedroom – Carpet

    Baby Boy's Bedroom - Carpet Padding

    Baby Boy's Bedroom - Carpet (2)

    Baby Boy's Bedroom - Carpet (3)

    Baby Boy's Bedroom - Carpet (1)

    Maren’s Bedroom – Carpet

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet Padding (1)

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet Padding (2)

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet (2)

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet (3)

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet (4)

    Maren's Bedroom - Carpet (1)

    It’s All Coming Together

    All the little things are going to be happening throughout this week. Our inspection is this week, so everything needs to be pretty wrapped up. Plus we are starting to get our deliveries on our larger items. We have carpet going in tomorrow, tile being finished, landscaping and stone going in the back porch…the list goes on. It will take a team of people to wrap this all up, but hopefully it will all come together. We are hoping that the floors will be completed on Friday and then we just have to wait for them to dry over the weekend and we are moving in next Monday! If the baby doesn’t come sooner, we plan to go in on the 28th to have him. That gives us 3 full weeks to get everything pulled together for his arrival.

    The mattresses are in:
    New Mattresses

    Front of the House

    They put up our door handle. We have been looking for one that we both liked, but it had to be in black. Everything seems to come in aged bronze and not solid black. We ended up getting this handle for $20 after Wilson’s Lighting said it was a floor model they would sell us. We figured we would put it up and if we really hated it, we will change it out later. They also hung our mailbox, which I really hate the placement. We need to put our address up too, so I think I just need to get a new layout.

    You can also see the start of our sprinklers.
    Front of the House - Mailbox

    Front of the House - Sprinklers

    Back of the House – Sprinklers

    You can see all the black hoses coming out for the start of the sprinklers.
    Back of the House - Sprinklers (1)

    Back of the House - Sprinklers (3)


    The backsplash went in today and the hood and all the appliances go in this week.
    Kitchen - Backsplash (1)

    Kitchen - Backsplash (2)

    Kitchen - Backsplash (3)

    Kitchen - Backsplash (4)

    Mudroom / Laundry Room – Tile

    They are almost done with the tile installation in these rooms.
    Mudroom and Laundry Room - Tile (1)

    Mudroom and Laundry Room - Tile (2)

    Mudroom and Laundry Room - Tile (3)

    Downstairs Bathroom

    They snuck in on Sunday and started the bathroom tub tile.
    Downstairs Bathroom - Tub Tile (1)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Tub Tile (2)

    Master Bathroom

    I took a few shots of the shower. I figured once the glass is installed that I won’t be able to grab them as easily. Plus some of the other small items that went in like the hardware, toilet paper holder and hooks.
    Master Bathroom - Finishing Touches (1)

    Master Bathroom - Finishing Touches (2)

    Master Bathroom - Finishing Touches (3)

    Master Bathroom - Finishing Touches (4)

    Master Bathroom - Finishing Touches (5)

    Maren’s Bedroom Closet Organizer

    They built a shelf to the side of her closet since there was so much room. We try to layout school clothes for the week on Sunday night, so there are five small cubbies to hold each outfit.
    Maren's Bedroom Closet - New Shelves

    Classic Hardwoods

    The nice part of having a code deployment for my work in the middle of a Saturday night / Sunday morning is that I can catch up on my blogging in between testing. I wanted to show off the hardwoods, since that was what they worked on the most this week. It was also nice since I had such a busy work week, because I was once again made to stay away while the fumes were strong. We did end up finalizing our choice to ebony, which we read a ton that people are starting to move away from using dark floors because of the dirt and dust that will show up on them. I know it’s going to be a challenge with a new baby and a white dog, but I have always wanted dark floors. These pictures are proving that dark floors show a lot, but there is still a lot of dirt and dust in our house! They have to come back, sand and set the floors and this part will be done.

    Back of the House – Back porch Tile, Lights and Heater

    The bottom back porch was tiled with the same tile we used upstairs. They also added our lights and our heater. We can’t find an outdoor fan we like, so they are going to cap it for now and come back at a later date. We also finally bought our lamp posts for the upper porch and our hanging lamps for our bottom porch. Now we just have to wait until they put the stone in on the porch to get those hung.
    Back Porch - Finished Tile

    Back Porch - Lights and Heater (1)

    Back Porch - Lights and Heater (2)

    Front Room – Hardwoods

    Front Room - Hardwoods (1)

    Front Room - Hardwoods (2)

    Front Room - Hardwoods (3)

    Kitchen – Hardwoods

    Kitchen - Hardwoods (1)

    Kitchen - Hardwoods (2)

    Kitchen - Hardwoods (3)

    Dining Room – Hardwoods

    Dining Room - Hardwoods (1)

    Dining Room - Hardwoods (2)

    Dining Room - Hardwoods (3)

    Mudroom – Tile

    We switched this tile out at the last second. I had to return some items at JoAnn’s Fabric and the Tile Shop was next store, so Jay opted to go to the Tile Shop and hang out instead of JoAnn’s. While he was there he noticed this tile and had me come over to look. I instantly fell in love with it and we decided to switch out what we planned to use. Not only did I think it would work better with our colors, but it ended up being a couple dollars a square foot cheaper.
    Mudroom - Stone Granite Tile (1)

    Mudroom - Stone Granite Tile (2)

    Living Room – Hardwoods

    Living Room - Hardwoods (1)

    Living Room - Hardwoods (2)

    Living Room - Hardwoods (3)

    Living Room - Hardwoods (4)

    Alexa’s Bedroom – Hardwoods

    Alexa's Room - Hardwoods (1)

    Alexa's Room - Hardwoods (2)

    Alexa's Room - Hardwoods (3)

    Downstairs Hallway – Hardwoods

    Downstairs Hallway - Hardwoods (1)

    Downstairs Hallway - Hardwoods (2)

    Upstairs Hallway – Hardwoods

    Upstairs Hallway - Hardwoods (1)

    Upstairs Hallway - Hardwoods (2)

    So Much Is Happening

    I like to refer to this past week as “Hell Week”. Work was crazy, my computer crashed and I had to work a million hours. It doesn’t happen too often, so I don’t mind except for the fact that we have so much stuff to get done with the house. I was exhausted all week long and missed having normal nights. After Sunday day, things should be back to normal and I can concentrate on my house again!

    We did have to decide on a floor color this week. They mixed a 50% mixture of jacobean and ebony and then we had them apply only the ebony floor color. We were told it is more unique having just ebony, because ebony pulls a lot of green and grays out of the floor. We don’t think we will have that big of an issue, because our floors are red oak, so it helps keep the green and gray to a minimum.

    Hardwood Floors
    Can you tell a difference in colors? The left is jacobean and to the right is ebony.

    The rest of the floors were sanded and filled before they can be stained.

    Hardwood Sanding (1)

    Hardwood Sanding (2)

    Hardwood Sanding (3)

    On a side note, I may have been working hard at work, but below are shots of how hard they worked on the house all week. All the little things are being pulled together. I plan to run by the house tonight to take pictures of all the hard work they are doing throughout this weekend.

    Front of the House

    The doorbell and lighting was installed this week. They also started in on the landscaping.
    Front of the House - Doorbell

    Front of the House - Landscaping (1)

    Front of the House - Landscaping (2)

    Front of the House - Start of Landscaping (1)

    Front of the House - Start of Landscaping (2)


    Back of the House

    Landscaping mapping was started in the back.
    Back of the House - Landscaping (1)

    Back of the House - Landscaping (2)

    Back of the House - Landscaping (3)

    Front Room

    They prepped the fireplace for tiling.
    Fireplace - Wood Floor (1)


    The garbage disposals are in and they started the backsplash. They also installed our faucets and sink. We used our old faucet, because we really liked it and the sink is identical to our old one. Maren came in and instantly recognized the sink and asked if that was our old one too, but then I reminded her how we put our old sink at the lake house.
    Kitchen Backsplash

    Fireplace - Wood Floor (16)

    Kitchen - Sink and Faucet

    Kitchen - Under lighting


    Dining Room

    I love how the backsplash looks with our colors. I can’t wait to see what it looks like once they grout. They also got our door hardware on. They only had a few colors to pick from with this type of Marvin door. I don’t think I am that fond of it, but it will have to do. They also di the under mount lighting in the kitchen and dining room.
    Dining Room - Backsplash (2)

    Dining Room - Backsplash

    Dining Room - Door Hardware

    Dining Room - Under Lighting


    They put the hooks up on the lockers. Don’t be fooled by the letter we picked for the baby’s locker. I just had them put one of our many letters up there until we figure out a name. Jay asked if I picked that one on purpose, because it was one I must really like on our short list the most. I told him I just grabbed one of the boxes.
    Mudroom - Locker Hooks

    Living Room

    All our hardware is now on our cabinets and our speakers throughout the house are in. I think these are temp speakers for now until our permanent ones come in.
    Living Room - Cabinet Hardware (1)

    Living Room - Cabinet Hardware (2)

    Living Room - Speakers

    Downstairs Bathroom

    The only thing going on in here right now is our toilet paper holder. I hated the fact I had to put in on the cabinet, but there weren’t any other choices.
    Fireplace - Wood Floor (15)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Vanity

    Master Bedroom

    They added our fan today. Hopefully it doesn’t hang to low.
    Master Bedroom - Fan

    Master Bathroom

    Our master bathroom tiling is finally coming to an end. They did offset our facets, so they had to break into the tile and move them over a bit. With all the work they put into that tile, I am sure it hurt to take them off.

    We also got our toilets and our bathtub faucets installed.
    Master Bathroom - Tile Sink and Faucet (1)

    Master Bathroom - Tile Sink and Faucet (2)

    Master Bathroom - Hardware (1)

    Master Bathroom - Hardware (2)

    Master Bathroom - Hardware (3)

    Master Bathroom - Hardware (4)




    Baby’s Bedroom

    The baby’s room got its fan and the flush mount in the closet.

    Baby's Closet - Flushmount

    Baby’s Bathroom

    The glass shelves are in the boy’s room. It may be awhile before he can ever use the shower, but it will be ready when he finally can!
    Baby Boy Bathroom - Glass Shower Shelves (1)

    Baby Boy Bathroom - Glass Shower Shelves (2)

    Baby Bathroom - Shower

    Baby Bathroom - Sink (2)

    Baby Bathroom - Sink

    Baby Bathroom - Toilet

    Maren’s Bedroom

    Maren got her fan too!
    Marens Bedroom - Fan

    Maren’s Bathroom

    They had to get into her wall, so they could adjust our faucets in our master bathroom. They also got her hardware, faucets, and glass shelves in.
    Marens Bathroom (1)

    Marens Bathroom (2)

    Marens Bathroom (3)

    Basement – Tank less Water Heater

    We went with the tank less water heater. We only know a few people that have them and they say that it works out well for them, so hopefully we can take simultaneous showers without any issues.
    Basement - Tankless Water Heater

    This was a long post with a lot of small things happening. We have about a week left and hopefully it’s time to move in!

    Hardware Heaven

    Most of our door hardware is on and it’s looking good. I wasn’t so sure about the pulls we (Jay) picked at first picked out in the kitchen, but I think it fits our style. Our hardwoods are being done all next week, so this was the last scramble to get some of the main items done. Mark, our builder, really pushed to get our tile done in the upstairs so that we can keep on schedule. We also had the electrician in and he finished all of the lighting that we have in so far.

    Front Room – Fireplace Prep

    If I had my choice I would leave the brick as it is, but due to code we have to tile further out then what it was. Hopefully the tile we selected works well with our colors.
    Living Room - Firplace Prep 1

    Living Room - Firplace Prep 2

    Kitchen – Cabinet Hardware

    All of the kitchen cabinet hardware went on. I remember trying to figure out the length of the handles we wanted for each of the doors and drawers and we picked pretty much the same size for all of them throughout.
    Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware (2)

    Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware (3)

    Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware (4)

    Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware (5)

    Kitchen - Cabinet Hardware

    Laundry Room – Cabinet Hardware

    All of my hardware and rods for my wrap station went in today. I will probably have to switch out the lower ones to fit my ribbons better, but it’s a start.
    Laundry Room - Cabinet Hardware (2)

    Laundry Room - Cabinet Hardware (3)

    Laundry Room - Cabinet Hardware

    Dining Room – Cabinet Hardware

    We had the hardware match the kitchen for our dining room. Plus all the glass and shelves are in too. It is slowly all coming together.
    Dining Room - Cabinet Hardware 1

    Dining Room - Cabinet Hardware

    Living Room – Hardwood Repair

    Our floors sloped a little in the living room, so they came in and replaced a lot of them to get them ready for the hardware next week.
    Living Room - Hardware Floor Redo

    Alexa’s Room – Lights Are In

    All of Alexa’s lights are up and in. She really wanted to have her chandelier back when we moved out and asked me several times if it would be put back into her room. I also went with an off white pottery barn kids sconce for her vanity area, because all of her furniture is the off white color. Hopefully, I don’t end up regretting this since it’s next to all the white. I will be able to tell better once I get the furniture in with it.
    Alexa's Room - Lighting

    Alexa's Room - Sconces

    Upstairs Hallway – Bookshelves

    All of the shelves are in and now they have officially became bookshelves.
    Upstairs Hallway - Bookcase Shelving (2)

    Upstairs Hallway - Bookcase Shelving (3)

    Upstairs Hallway - Bookcase Shelving

    Master Bedroom – Sitting Room Sconces

    Our sitting room had sconces that we had to come up with. They are a little huge, but I think they will work for now.
    Master Bedroom - Sitting Room Sconces

    Master Bathroom – Tiling

    These guys have been tiling and tiling and tiling in here. Hopefully they get this finished this weekend! They are for sure in the home stretch.
    Master Bathroom - Tiling (2)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (5)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (6)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (7)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (8)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (9)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (10)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (11)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (12)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (13)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling (14)

    Master Bathroom - Tiling

    Baby’s Bathroom – Tile Grout Is In

    So all of the tile gray grout is done on the baby’s bathroom floors and his bathroom hardware is in.
    Baby Boy's - Gray Tile Grout

    Baby's Room - Cabinet Hardware

    Maren’s Bathroom – Tile

    Her tile is close to being done! I can’t wait to see it all grouted.
    Maren's Room - Tile (2)

    Maren's Room - Tile

    Let There Be Light

    …and there was light. I came to the house today and it was all lit up. Actually, Alexa told me over the phone that she drove by with her Grandma and saw the lights on, so I was excited to get over there and check it out myself.

    Front Room – Lights

    I still can’t get over how much I like how these lights turned out. I like them so much that I ordered them for our upstairs hallway window seat (we found out that the ones I originally ordered for the window seat are backordered until December.) I also ordered the semi-flush one to go in the upstairs hallway and mudroom. We ordered a lot of our items for the house from Ferguson and this was one of them. It’s so hard to figure out what we want from an image online, but this one turned out great.
    Front Room - Light (2)

    Front Room - Light (3)

    Front Room - Light

    Kitchen – Lights

    I showed a picture of these the other day, but they look so much better lit up. Still not convinced that they are hanging low enough.
    Kitchen - Light (2)

    Kitchen - Light (3)

    Kitchen - Light

    Laundry Room – Lights

    The lights are working great, but now they just need their little covers.
    Laundry Room - Light

    Dining Room – Lights

    Our main light is up and working. We ordered this through Restoration Hardware a few weeks ago and when I was on their site today I noticed that it was marked down $200 from what we spent, so I called their customer service and they did a 30 day price match guarantee for me and refunded that amount back. Let’s just say I was doing a happy dance! Sometimes being an obsessive compulsive site surfer pays off. I am on that site daily for ideas or to see if their price compares to other websites on items we need.
    Dining Room - Light (2)

    Dining Room - Light

    Living Room – Lights

    These are all canned light, so nothing exciting here, but the lights are working!
    Living Room - Light

    Downstairs Bathroom – Lights

    We decided to do chrome since everything else is going to be chrome in this room.
    Downstairs Bathroom - Light

    Downstairs Hallway – Light

    This is the same as the Front Room.
    Downstairs Hallway - Light

    Baby’s Bedroom – Lights

    The lights aren’t turning on yet, but I am very pleased how they came out. These are also from Restoration Hardware Baby line. (you can checkout this post for more details on the lights. When we first got them in we were scared that they would not be able to be hardwired, because they came with a cord and switch, but our great electrician was able to make it happen.
    Baby's Room - Light (2)

    Baby's Room - Light

    Baby’s Bathroom

    We picked this also from Restoration Hardware’s Baby line. I wish they could have mounted these higher, but the pocket door is in the way, so they couldn’t. I still think that once we get a square mirror up that it will look even.
    Baby's Bathroom Light

    Check out the tile that’s coming along. We had to decide on the shelf placement today for the shower nook and what kind of glass we wanted for the showers. We also had to do the white penny round from the floors. The moss penny round was sold out for the next 30 years (ok, maybe not that long), so we had to come up with another solution. I think it will blend in better once it is grouted. Eventually, I wouldn’t mind tiling the rest of the bath and we will continue the moss around the top of the walls if we do.

    Baby's Bathroom - Tile and Light

    Baby's Bathroom - Tile

    Maren’s Bedroom – Lights

    Maren came in and said she didn’t care for her window seat light. I think she will like it once she has her window seat, curtains and furniture in her room. I really liked them, because they matched everything else. We ordered her lights from Ferguson as well.
    Maren's Room - Light

    Maren’s Bathroom – Lights

    Maren’s bathroom sconces are the same as we used for the downstairs bathroom from Ferguson too. We figured the more simple the better.
    Maren's Bathroom - Light

    There was a bunch of other things going on as well.

    We got our front door in and decided on using Caliente AF-290 (Benjamin Moore).
    Front Door Paint Color

    Here is our new front door. Look familiar? Not much different from our old one! We actually bought our house from a family that not only had a child in our oldest daughter’s grade, but they also moved directly across the street from us. We see them on a daily basis. I always wondered if their children thought it was weird that they got to see their old house every day and then one day their oldest came up to me while we were painting our house and asked if I planned to paint the red door. I told him no and he seemed so relieved. Lucky for him, I like the contrast from the gray and black and it also helps to remind people which house we live in – the Cape Cod with the red door. There is a similar house that is only two houses down from ours – I won’t mention that my dad accidentally walked into that house before realizing it wasn’t ours, but I will point out that that house does have a black door on the front (and no dormers).
    Front Door

    Front Door Old vs New

    My hidden outlet in the kitchen went in today. Like I mentioned in the past, I was outlet crazy, but for some reason this one is my favorite. I already know I will probably use this one a lot.
    Kitchen - Hidden Outlet

    West Side of the House

    Check out the rock. It’s taking shape a little more, but I am not in love with it.
    West Side of the House - Stone

    Back of the House

    They laid most of the tile down. It’s the same as the upstairs porch. They also painted the top of the portico and back of the porch Palladian Blue. Not very noticeable, but those evil (haint) spirits will be warded off or at least that’s the tradition of the blue porch ceilings that originated from the south.
    Outside - Back Porch Tile

    It’s The Small Things That Matter

    All the small details will be happening within the next couple of weeks. You know the things that take a ton of time, but they don’t stand out as much as putting an entire roof on in a day or so. Going in the house today, I could see all the small little areas that they worked on and I know that it must have taken a lot of time.

    We had our thermostat installed…
    We went with nest thermostat ( when our builder suggested a few. The geeky side of me can’t wait to see what I can do with it on my ipad/iphone. They stuck one in our bedroom and in our downstairs hallway near our stairs. It was located near our basement door in our dining room before the rebuild.

    They wired all outlets and added all outlet covers…
    Outlets Galore (2)

    Outlets Galore (3)

    Outlets Galore
    I went a little crazy with the outlets. I still need to go through and count how many I ended up having, but I figured I should have them do it while the walls were all torn down then regret anything. I had them installed in all cubbies, closets, cabinets. You name it and I probably stuck an outlet in it. I just know that I hated it when I wanted to easily plug something in and the outlet was on the other side of the room.

    They added all switches and added several of the switch covers…
    The switches and functionality was figured out early on, so I have to admit that I am not certain at what some of them do (mainly the ones in the kitchen). I know we had to make some odd choices because of the number of lights we had in each room. We have lights under cabinets, above sinks, controlling sconces and we had to figure out how to get them all working together.

    They installed all the smoke detectors and canned lighting…
    Fire Alarm
    Not very exciting, but very much needed. I will also have to go in and put a couple of non-wired smoke detectors. I read somewhere that it’s best to do that in case of an electrical fire shortening some of the smoke detectors. I am also going to need to grab a few carbon dioxide detectors for each level of the house.

    There are now thresholds in all the bathrooms…
    Bathroom Thresholds
    This was a small detail that made a huge difference. They haven’t grouted the tile yet, but the thresholds help to make it even more complete.

    The put in our kitchen lighting over our island…
    Kitchen - Light (2)

    Kitchen - Light (3)

    Kitchen - Light
    I love these lights, but I may want them a little longer. They just seem a tad short to me. I thought I would wait to see if my thoughts changed after looking at them for a couple of days.

    And finally… they worked on our tile.
    Master Bathroom - Tile
    These poor guys are at it again. It seems like this is one of the most detailed jobs when building a house, but they are taking their time and in the end it will be worth it.

    Countertops and Landscaping

    Several different areas of the house have been worked on in the past couple of days. All of the rooms have been painted, landscaping has started and countertops and sinks were installed. Now we have all the final touches and we will be close to moving in.

    West Side of the House – Landscaping

    They started the landscaping by putting some of the rock down around the house. I wasn’t expecting it to run the whole west side of the house, only around the stoop. The landscaper suggested it because there isn’t a lot of light and the grass doesn’t grow well in that area. I was a little shocked to see the rock in the bushes. I figured I would let the landscaper do his thing and see if I like it better once it’s done.
    Landscaping - Start (2)

    Landscaping - start

    Back of the House – Landscaping

    There was a ton of brick and wood on the backside and east side of our shed. They cleared that all out and added the same rock that they had on the west side of the house. Hopefully this will help cut back some of the weeds that can grow behind the shed.

    They also started burying the downspouts around the house.
    Landscaping - Start (3)

    Landscaping - Start (4)

    Landscaping - Start (5)

    Landscaping - Start (6)

    Kitchen – Cabinets

    All of our counter tops are installed. They have to come back and do some more work on them, but I like the granite that we ended up going with. We kept going back and forth on changing the center island to maybe darker granite, but I am glad we stuck with the lighter one. We also chose to go with granite instead of marble. We were told the marble holds stains and wouldn’t work as well in the kitchen as granite.
    Kitchen - Countertops (2)

    Kitchen - Countertops (3)

    Kitchen - Countertops (4)

    Kitchen - Countertops

    Laundry Room – Cabinets

    Laundry room granite is in. I was scared that more of the brown in the granite would pull out instead of the gray, but I think that the light gray walls helped. The floor tile should also help to make the gray stand out. Notice how the gap in the center of the countertop to feed my fabric through blends in more. Our sink also went in the laundry room, which we didn’t originally plan to have but we were convinced by our builder to have one. The faucets will be going in the next few weeks.
    Laundry Room - Countertops (2)

    Laundry Room - Countertops (3)

    Laundry Room - Countertops (4)

    Laundry Room - Countertops (5)

    Laundry Room - Countertops (6)

    Laundry Room - Countertops

    Dining Room – Cabinets

    We used the same granite that we picked for the kitchen for the dining room cabinets. They still have to tile the backsplash and add the glass to all of the cabinets and then the Dining Room will almost be complete.
    Dining Room - Countertops (2)

    Dining Room - Countertops

    Downstairs Bathroom – Countertops

    We chose Carrera Marble for all of the bathrooms. This was the first real time that I got to see the cabinets unwrapped, since it’s always been prepped for painting.
    Downstairs Bathroom - Countertops (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom - Countertops

    Downstairs Hallway – Refinished

    Staris - Refinished

    Upstairs Hallway – Painted

    Upstairs Hallway - Paint

    Upstairs Hallway - Paint.jpeg

    Master Bedroom – Painted

    Master Bedroom - Paint (2)

    Master Bedroom - Paint

    Master Bathroom – Painted and Countertops

    Master Bathroom - Counter and Paint (2)

    Master Bathroom - Counter and Paint (3)

    Master Bathroom - Counter and Paint

    Baby’s Bedroom – Paint

    They started to paint the baby’s room in the same color as our living room, but I just hated it. It wasn’t the right shade to match the rest of what I am planning for his nursery, so I called our builder to have him change it to the same color as our Master bedroom. I like it a lot better!

    Baby Paint

    Baby Boy's Room - Paint (2)

    Baby Boy's Room - Paint

    Baby’s Bathroom – Paint and Countertops

    Baby Bathroom - Countertop and Paint (2)

    Baby Bathroom - Countertop and Paint (3)

    Baby Bathroom - Countertop and Paint

    Baby’s Closet – Paint

    Baby Closet (2)

    Baby Closet

    Maren’s Bedroom – Paint

    Maren told her uncle Trevor this weekend that her bedroom was the room that brightened up the house. She said it was because it was the only non-gray room. She has picked this color forever and it is very similar to what Alexa originally had in her bedroom before the rebuild.
    Maren's Room - Paint (2)

    Maren's Room - Paint (3)

    Maren's Room - Paint

    Maren’s Bathroom

    Maren's Bathroom - Countertop and Paint (4)

    Maren's Bathroom - Countertop and Paint (5)