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Packing For The Big Move: In A Day

Friday morning I woke up knowing what a big weekend we had in store. We hadn’t packed a single item in the house and I knew my timeline was quickly approaching and we had to be out by the end of the weekend. Thankfully, I enlisted the help of my family. They ended up helping us the entire weekend… thankfully.

We first started by grabbing all the picture frames hanging on the walls throughout the house. Then we tackled all of the breakables in each room. I held off on both of the girl’s rooms because I wanted them to go through and donate everything they didn’t want anymore. By the end of our 1st day we had around 65% done.

The entire weekend wore me out. We got almost everything packed and moved to storage but had to go back every night to prepare for the garage sale and finish up the rest of the packing.

Moving Day

Moving Day

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