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Our New Portico

I stopped by this morning on my way to work and saw the carpenter and Mark, our contractor getting ready to build out our new front porch. I’ve been excited to get this part done, because it will make the outside of the house look new. After going back and forth with some ideas, we decided to have a curved inside (barrel vaults) and not to do an open peak like we had originally thought.

The mudroom door went in today and we also had to decide on the outdoor tile for the upper and lower porch. We went with a flamed granite instead of slate. From what Jay read, you would need to seal the slate a few times a year and you wouldn’t need to do that with the flamed granite. Granite was more then slate, but less expensive then wood, so we went with granite. We also felt that it had more texture and wouldn’t be as slick.

Front of the House

Once the beams and stone go on it, it will look similar to our back porch. We plan to have a hanging light coming down in the center and possibly lighting on both sides of the door.
Front of House - Portico

Front of House - Portico 2

Front of House - Portico 3

Back of the House

Some siding has been added, but for the most part not a lot changed.
Back of House - Siding

Back of House Siding

West Side of the House

All the siding is up and the new mud room door is in.
West Side Full Siding 2

West Side Full Siding

Mud Room

Check out the new door. It makes the room feel more open now.
Mud Room Side Door 2

Mud Room Side Door

Upper Porch

They tarred the top porch in the back to prep it for tiling.
Upper Porch Tar

2 Comments on Our New Portico

  1. Marjie
    06.25.2013 at 12:51 am (6 years ago)

    Love the new portico. You’re totally right – it make the outside of the house look new, but keeps the structure still within original time it was built. I’ve been noticing a few other homes in the Vil with a roof. Sharp! Love the curved inside.

    Very nice! Please keep posting. You’re inspiring me!

  2. Niki
    06.26.2013 at 4:12 am (6 years ago)

    Thanks! There is still some more detail to be added to the front of it and we still have the columns to finish, but I think it will look nice wants its all said and done.


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