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Ottoman Overload

I popped out of bed last Saturday morning excited to do what I thought would be a quick ottoman recover and a few new pillows.

Of course it never goes as fast as I picture it in my mind, but I am so glad I did it. I had just an hour where Jay and Maren were at the farmers market and Alexa and Coen were still fast asleep to attempt to do the recover. Of course half way through, everyone came home or woke up. Coen still managed to entertain himself by crawling all over the upside down ottoman, while I made sure my scissors and staple gun were completely out of his way.

The whole reason why I decided to recover wasn’t because I hated the fabric, but because our house colors are more cooler tones. This ottoman just didn’t fit in that well. Plus my sister-in-law loaned us the ottoman and couch while they moved to San Francisco for the time being. By recovering it, it kept the underneath material safe, so it will be brand new (or at least closer to it) when they ask for it back.

Old LIving Room 2 Old Living Room

Knowing this was a temporary cover, I had to do a few workarounds. For instance, I didn’t remove the feet or staple anywhere on the fabric itself. I just stapled around on the underneath of the ottoman where the other staples lived. I also had to do quick corners that are “ok,” but I ordinarily wouldn’t have been satisfied.

I started out with a $70 fabric that I found at Calico Corners. I started having buyers remorse, so I quickly took that back and turned to my fabric drawer. Crazy as luck would have it, I had bought a cloth table cloth from Target’s Christmas section last year for $7 and threw it in my fabric section. The colors worked perfectly with the couch and wall color.

The new pillow fabric was from Calico Corners. It was from a left over sample and was only $10 for a yard of material. I thought it worked well into the other colors of the room. The dark gray ones are from a curtain I found at Target. I was going to use it for another project, but didn’t so I had it just lying around as well.
New Ottoman 4

New Ottoman 5

How do you like it? My choice must be right since the tag on the table cloth has the same wall color.
dining pic

2 Comments on Ottoman Overload

  1. Debbie
    08.04.2014 at 1:29 pm (5 years ago)

    I am loving the new ottoman. I have one that is really worn out that I need to recover. One of these days!

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  2. Tiffany
    08.04.2014 at 1:32 pm (5 years ago)

    Where do you find the time to do this? I have a zillion projects and one day I will get to some of them!


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