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Nooks, Crannies and Closets

We were given a deadline to come up with how the closet in each room will look like on the inside and if we wanted to add any nooks throughout the house. Of course I have to be out of the town for the military, so Jay gets to go solo on this meeting. I am trying to do my best to explain what I am wanting.

Master Bathroom Shower Nook

I thought a nook above our bench would work out the best to keep the shampoo and conditioners up off the ground.
Master Shower Nook

Master Bathroom Bathtub Nook

I am picturing something similar to this for our nook by our tub. We haven’t decided if we wanted it on one or both sides.

Contemporary Bathroom by Austin Interior Designers & Decorators Mark Ashby Design

Master Bedroom Nook

After ordering our bed and nightstand we realized that only one nightstand would work, so Jay and Mark, our contractor, came up with a plan to put a nook by his side of the bed. (Check our new bed and nightstand out in this post: Out Master Bedroom Bed and Nightstand
Master Bedroom Wall Nook

Maren’s Bedroom Nook

Maren has an odd entry from her hallway to her bedroom. I thought a nook would be perfect there since that space won’t be used.
Maren's Wall Nook

Maren’s Bedroom Closet

Maren’s closet is pretty big and wide, so I thought I could add a section to the right to organize her clothes for each day of the week. In the past, we had something similar to that. We tried to lay out their clothing every Sunday night for that entire school week.
Maren's Closet

Shower Nook (Maren’s Bathroom, Baby Boy’s Bathroom and Downstairs Bathroom)

We want something like this for Maren’s and Baby Boy’s bathrooms (and possibly the downstairs bathroom as well):

Contemporary Bathroom by Chicago Interior Designers & Decorators Habitar Design

Baby Boy’s Bedroom Closet

This was easy to come up with a design. I knew I wanted shelves in the odd area. I also figured that since he is a boy he can have two rods hanging in his closet. The girls can’t do this since they will have dresses that would get in the way.
Baby Boy's Closet

Baby’s Boy’s Window Seat Nook

It would be nice to have an area to put books in by the window seat. It may be too much in that area, but I thought I would see what our builder thought.
Baby Boy's Window Seat Nook
I love how this window seat has their bookcase, but they don’t have sconces:

Traditional Kids by Saratoga Springs Design-Build Firms Witt Construction

Hallway Nook

This would be the perfect place to put a nook.
Downstairs Hallway Nook

Alexa’s Closet

Alexa has a very plain closet, but it is bigger than what she had before.
Alexa's Closet

Alexa’s Nook in Vanity Area

Alexa wanted a built in bookcase somewhere in her room, but I didn’t think there was a good place for it. We may be able to put one under her sconce by her vanity, but I think it might be too tight of an area.
Alexa's Vanity Nook

Kitchen Above Stove Nook

This one is Jay’s call, but I know we talked about having a nook in the kitchen above the stove. We haven’t decided yet, but this is one similar to what I would want.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

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