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Move In Week

Moving In - Garage

This is our move in week! I am excited that the day is finally here and we get to move in. We started on Sunday and the house is far from being ready, but as every day passes we feel like its home again. On the downside, I do get frustrated that I can’t do as much as I would since I am a few weeks out from having this baby!

The girls have both done an amazing job at helping me carry and move items to their rooms and being my little assistants.

Here are the girls the first night in the house. They had to share Maren’s bed since Alexa’s wasn’t setup, but they didn’t mind sharing as long as they got to stay at the house. It took a few days, but Alexa finally got her bed.

Girls First Night

Below are our shower doors. They went in right before our move.

Bathroom - Shower Doors

Maren loved her new shower doors and mentioned that she will be able to reach the top when she is a teenager.

Marens Bathroom - Shower Doors

We also had the audio visual guy come out and install some of our items. He has to return next week to finish, but at least got all of our TV’s up in time for the AT&T guy to come today.

Audio Visual

I took the next few days off of work to help organize/unpack and my family is coming over on Friday to help thankfully too!

Below are shots of our chaos.

Back of the House

Back Porch - Painted Shutters

Backporch - prep for stone (1)

Backporch - prep for stone (2)

Front Room

Front Room - First Week


Kitchen - First Week

Dining Room

Dining Room - First Week (1)

Dining Room - First Week (2)


Mudroom - First Week

Laundry Room

Laundry Room - First Week

Living Room

Living Room - First Week (1)

Living Room - First Week (2)

Downstairs Hallway

Downstairs hallway - First Week

Upstairs Hallway

Uncovered Stairs (1)

Uncovered Stairs (2)

Upstairs Hallway (1)

Upstairs Hallway (2)

Master Bedroom

Mater Bedroom - First Week (1)

Mater Bedroom - First Week (2)

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom - First Week (1)

Master Bathroom - First Week (2)

Baby’s Bedroom

Baby's Room - First Week (1)

Baby's Room - First Week (2)


Baby's Closet - First Week (1)

Baby's Closet - First Week (2)

Baby’s Bathroom

Babys Bathroom - First Week

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