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Most Progress To Date

It’s amazing what can be done with a day full of sunshine and no rain. I stopped in during lunch to find the upstairs walls knocked out and the rooms coming together. It was the first time we were really able to see the upstairs and get a feel of what the room sizes will be. We have only had the chance to look at it on paper so far.

Back of the House

Back - New Porch 3 Arrows

Back - New Porch

Back - New Porch 2

Back - New Porch 4

Love the mess! It just proves how much work is getting done. Plus we have always wanted to redo the grass, so this gives us the perfect excuse to lay new sod.

Side Yard


Master Bedroom

Master - Bedroom 2

Master Bathroom

Master - Bathroom 2

Master - Bathroom Window

Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs Hallway - Looking into Bathroom

Upstairs Bedroom #1

Front Room - Bedroom

Upstairs Roof

Upstairs Bedroom #2

Back Room - Bedroom

Back Room - Bedroom 2

Back Room - Bathroom

Back Room - Bathroom 2

Back Room - Closet

I leave for base the rest of the weekend, so I won’t be able to see Friday’s progress until I get home Sunday evening. Hopefully, more of the rooms come together and this progress keeps going the speed set today.

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