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Maren’s New Shades in a Day

So I am getting much faster at doing Roman Shades. Although it is time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to plan an entire day, it can be done. It would require you to be up from 8 in the morning until 11 at night taking small breaks throughout the day.

Windows Full Open

I mentioned where I found the best instructions ever over at Brown Paper Packages on Coen’s Shade Blog, but I figured I would post it again:

You can check out Coen’s Nursery Roman Shades here:

I was hoping that it would keep my little middle one in bed until at least 8AM (she is a super early riser), but it failed. Even though it was completely blacked out, she was still up and about at 7:30AM. I guess that’s a good trait to have in life. I wish I could hop out of bed that early to start my day without fighting sleep.

Full Room

If anything could go wrong during this project – it did. My poor sewing machine was hating me during this project. Threads kept breaking, it kept jamming and for whatever reason, the lengths of the stitch kept messing up. I think I used almost every swear word in my vocabulary at one point during the day. Plus what made it worse was that I had a sensee of urgency to get it done, since I pulled my sewing machine out of my sewing room and onto my kitchen counters (it helped with the length.)

Right Window Opened and Closed

Again, the issues had caused me to take breaks to keep from going insane. I could have gotten these done so much faster if my machine liked me. I even ended up sewing a set of pillows half way through just to make sure my sewing machine wasn’t ruined. I think the type of material made a difference and I tried resolving it by increasing the tension (which helped a little).

Left Window Open and Closed

Overall, I think they turned out fine. Not the most professional looking, but perfect for an 8 year old’s room. Thanks to JoAnne’s Fabric for having an adorable pink fabric. I shopped everywehre before I finally found this one.

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