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Banded From the House – Jumpstart on Maren’s New Room Design

I am stuck from going into the house for a couple days due to the fumes from our foam insulation going in. The good news is that I can concentrate on what is still needed for the house and start making my lists. I tackled a little on the baby’s room, so I thought I would start working on Maren’s.

Maren will always pick out the same color of blue every time I give her colors to pick from. Here is what we came up for on the color scheme of her room: (she isn’t digging the gray, but loves everything else)
Maren's Paint

I was planning on making her duvet cover, but when I was browsing websites for ideas I came across the perfect one for her room. I decided to go ahead and buy it since it would have cost at least $60 in fabric alone. For a bonus, Pottery Barn Teen was also having an additional 20% off everything you buy, plus this bedding was already marked down to $79 for a full/queen duvet.

Maren's Pottery Barn Teen Bedding

Click here to go to to view her bedding.

I’ve been looking for a bed for her on craigslist for a while. She always says that she wanted a big bed instead of the small bed she has already had, so I hunted a wood bed down to fix up and it was only $20. The downfall is that it’s painted teal, so I will have to sand it down and repaint it. It will eventually be one of my fun projects. I want to make sure I complete it prior to moving in, so we can set her room up. I also found a nightstand. It was $20 as well and still had the tags on it. So for a total of $40 and a little bit of elbow grease, I was able to furnish Maren’s room. I have to give a quick thanks to my friend for letting me borrow her SUV to get it home!
Maren's Bed

So now I just have the following to-do’s for her room:

  • Find window seat fabric and make new cover
  • Find bathroom sconces
  • Find window sconces
  • Sand and paint bed
  • Find art
  • Pick hardware for bathroom vanity
  • Buy picture frames for fireplace
  • Wall Treatments

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