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Maren Has a Point

I cut my hair off a few months ago. Did I tell you I hated it? The lady went super super short. Boy hair short. I came home feeling sad and wondering what the hell I just did to myself. Luckily my husband said he loved it (and he doesn’t sugar coat or lie about these things, although at times I wish he did.) Anyway, Maren, my eight year old caught on to my sadness. Her and her ornerinous came up to me and said “Now you know how I feel everytime you force me to cut my hair short.” Damn if she isn’t right. Good point little! I instantly told her that she can grow her hair out as long as she would like if she kept it cleaned and brushed. By her reaction, you would have thought she won the lotto.

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00002

Isn’t her hair so cute short!

From here on out – my girls will have long hair! (As I am constantly reminded by Maren of my promise everytime I am braiding her hair.)

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00003

Not convinced on my boy’s hair growing out yet (first haircut at 7 weeks.) I do still have a little military in me.

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00001

Village Cape Cod - Haircut 00004

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