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I came across a cute app that I wish I had when my oldest was small. Its one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments when I found it. Its basically a really simple to use app called LittleHoot that captures quotes from those funny, kids say the darndest things moments. You know the ones worthy of knowing forever. Using this app, you can quickly record it.

Check it out here:

Prior to your little guys/gals funny quote, you setup a profile for each kid by entering in their name, birthdate, gender and picking a category (child, grandchild, friend…).


Then the next time that kiddo says something funny, you whip out your phone, enter in the comment and select a quote template.


Pretty awesome and easy. Not to mention that it provides a way for you to save to your phone so that you can post to your blog, upload to social media, or send to Grandma.


Oh and did I mention it was free?????

How do you capture those special moments to remember forever and ever?

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