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Let’s Get This Party Started

So many different things started today. Here is our quick list:

  • Maren’s Room Chimney Rebuild
  • Plumbing Installation
  • HVAC Installation
  • Floors
  • Other Random Stuff

  • It was fun going into the house and seeing the start of so many different areas of the house. It just helps to put together all the remaining items before the sheet rock can finally go up and the floors can go in.

    Back of the House

    You can see how the chimney is going up.
    Back of the House Chimney Start (2)

    Maren’s Room Chimney Rebuild

    This was supposed to start on Saturday, so its great to see the start even sooner. I was a little surprised too. This is the last piece of the puzzle before we can close this house up and call the siding and framing officially done.
    Chimney Rebuild Start (3)

    Chimney Rebuild Start

    Chimney Rebuild Start (2)

    Chimney Rebuild Start (4)

    Chimney Rebuild Start (5)

    Plumbing Installation

    Alexa’s room was full of plumbing elbows today. The also hit the following rooms:
    Plumbing Start

    Laundry Room
    Plubming Start Laundry Room

    Baby Boy’s Room
    Plumbing Start Baby Room

    Downstairs Bathroom
    Plumbing Start Downstairs Bath (2)

    Downstairs Bathroom
    Plumbing Start Downstairs Bath

    HVAC Installation

    HVAC actually started to go in last week, but today you can notice major changes.
    Baby Boy’s Room
    HVAC Start Baby Room

    Maren’s Closet
    HVAC Start Marens Room

    Master Bathroom
    HVAC Start Master Bath


    Floors will actually be one of the last things they do, but they did start evening the floors out by removing some of the wood floors. The entire downstairs (minus the mudroom and laundry room) will remain wood and we plan on staining it dark brown. We went back and forth on tiling the kitchen, but figured the flow of the house would bet better by keeping the hardwoods.

    Other Stuff

    We have random other items happening as well. We decided to take our old towel cabinet in our upstairs hallway and move the doors to the other side of facing the kids rooms. I figured the cabinet was so deep before and would look odd facing the hallway. Now we can use the space better and have it face the kids rooms. It will be perfect to store all of the spare towels and sheets.
    Upstairs Cabinet Start

    Front room fireplace. We wanted to redo the fireplace to smooth out the walls. Plus we want to add gas to the fireplace and maybe some sconces.
    Fireplace Start

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