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Let There Be Light

…and there was light. I came to the house today and it was all lit up. Actually, Alexa told me over the phone that she drove by with her Grandma and saw the lights on, so I was excited to get over there and check it out myself.

Front Room – Lights

I still can’t get over how much I like how these lights turned out. I like them so much that I ordered them for our upstairs hallway window seat (we found out that the ones I originally ordered for the window seat are backordered until December.) I also ordered the semi-flush one to go in the upstairs hallway and mudroom. We ordered a lot of our items for the house from Ferguson and this was one of them. It’s so hard to figure out what we want from an image online, but this one turned out great.
Front Room - Light (2)

Front Room - Light (3)

Front Room - Light

Kitchen – Lights

I showed a picture of these the other day, but they look so much better lit up. Still not convinced that they are hanging low enough.
Kitchen - Light (2)

Kitchen - Light (3)

Kitchen - Light

Laundry Room – Lights

The lights are working great, but now they just need their little covers.
Laundry Room - Light

Dining Room – Lights

Our main light is up and working. We ordered this through Restoration Hardware a few weeks ago and when I was on their site today I noticed that it was marked down $200 from what we spent, so I called their customer service and they did a 30 day price match guarantee for me and refunded that amount back. Let’s just say I was doing a happy dance! Sometimes being an obsessive compulsive site surfer pays off. I am on that site daily for ideas or to see if their price compares to other websites on items we need.
Dining Room - Light (2)

Dining Room - Light

Living Room – Lights

These are all canned light, so nothing exciting here, but the lights are working!
Living Room - Light

Downstairs Bathroom – Lights

We decided to do chrome since everything else is going to be chrome in this room.
Downstairs Bathroom - Light

Downstairs Hallway – Light

This is the same as the Front Room.
Downstairs Hallway - Light

Baby’s Bedroom – Lights

The lights aren’t turning on yet, but I am very pleased how they came out. These are also from Restoration Hardware Baby line. (you can checkout this post for more details on the lights. When we first got them in we were scared that they would not be able to be hardwired, because they came with a cord and switch, but our great electrician was able to make it happen.
Baby's Room - Light (2)

Baby's Room - Light

Baby’s Bathroom

We picked this also from Restoration Hardware’s Baby line. I wish they could have mounted these higher, but the pocket door is in the way, so they couldn’t. I still think that once we get a square mirror up that it will look even.
Baby's Bathroom Light

Check out the tile that’s coming along. We had to decide on the shelf placement today for the shower nook and what kind of glass we wanted for the showers. We also had to do the white penny round from the floors. The moss penny round was sold out for the next 30 years (ok, maybe not that long), so we had to come up with another solution. I think it will blend in better once it is grouted. Eventually, I wouldn’t mind tiling the rest of the bath and we will continue the moss around the top of the walls if we do.

Baby's Bathroom - Tile and Light

Baby's Bathroom - Tile

Maren’s Bedroom – Lights

Maren came in and said she didn’t care for her window seat light. I think she will like it once she has her window seat, curtains and furniture in her room. I really liked them, because they matched everything else. We ordered her lights from Ferguson as well.
Maren's Room - Light

Maren’s Bathroom – Lights

Maren’s bathroom sconces are the same as we used for the downstairs bathroom from Ferguson too. We figured the more simple the better.
Maren's Bathroom - Light

There was a bunch of other things going on as well.

We got our front door in and decided on using Caliente AF-290 (Benjamin Moore).
Front Door Paint Color

Here is our new front door. Look familiar? Not much different from our old one! We actually bought our house from a family that not only had a child in our oldest daughter’s grade, but they also moved directly across the street from us. We see them on a daily basis. I always wondered if their children thought it was weird that they got to see their old house every day and then one day their oldest came up to me while we were painting our house and asked if I planned to paint the red door. I told him no and he seemed so relieved. Lucky for him, I like the contrast from the gray and black and it also helps to remind people which house we live in – the Cape Cod with the red door. There is a similar house that is only two houses down from ours – I won’t mention that my dad accidentally walked into that house before realizing it wasn’t ours, but I will point out that that house does have a black door on the front (and no dormers).
Front Door

Front Door Old vs New

My hidden outlet in the kitchen went in today. Like I mentioned in the past, I was outlet crazy, but for some reason this one is my favorite. I already know I will probably use this one a lot.
Kitchen - Hidden Outlet

West Side of the House

Check out the rock. It’s taking shape a little more, but I am not in love with it.
West Side of the House - Stone

Back of the House

They laid most of the tile down. It’s the same as the upstairs porch. They also painted the top of the portico and back of the porch Palladian Blue. Not very noticeable, but those evil (haint) spirits will be warded off or at least that’s the tradition of the blue porch ceilings that originated from the south.
Outside - Back Porch Tile

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