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Monday Jay, Mark (our contractor), and I went around to each room deciding on where to put all of the different switches, lighting and outlets. Jay and I went this weekend to do an initial walk-through to decide, so we had some sort of idea going into it and it still took us 3 hours to do the walk-through. Today they started in on putting up all of the boxes before the wiring.

Code dictates where some of the outlets are placed, but I wanted to make sure that we had plenty throughout each room. I also read one of people’s biggest regrets is not putting an outlet in their closets, so I made sure we had at least one in each closet.

You can just count how many new outlets, switches and lights are now in. Next stop wiring.
Outlet Start

The mudroom has the funniest set of outlets. We are creating a locker area for each kid and then one for Jay and me to share. We wanted an outlet in each of the cubbies, so you can see how they are stacked in a row.
Mudroom Outlet Start

Look at all our canned lights in the kitchen. We are also going to have pendants over our island, but wanted to have plenty of lighting.
Canned Lights

Next on our list is ordering interior doors. I knew I wanted a two panel similar to like what we had before, but I didn’t realize how many options in a two panel there were! These are what we think we may go with (minus the door handle):

Here is the website that gave us all our choices (I narrowed it down to only the two panel options.)

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