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It hasn’t been all fun and games

If you have ever remodeled or built a house then you probably already know some of the areas we will cover in this post. Major lessons I had to learn. Below are some of our lessons.

You want everything to stay mint condition. It took us a little while before we hung anything. We had these beautiful brand new walls and neither of us wanted to put a hole in them or accidentally mess up and drill wrong. It was stressful hanging those first few pictures. I also feel sorry for anyone that came over after the floors were done. I followed them around to make sure that they didn’t scratch the floors.

You notice EVERYTHING. From a slight shoe scruff on your wood floors to something that was missed during painting that only by hanging upside down you would notice. One person said to scratch something just to get over it. Gradually you do get over it, but it takes a few weeks to a few months before you settle in and aren’t as worried.

You will have regrets. Nobody ever gets it right the first time. There are things I wish that I had thought of. Like my washer and dryer. I hate how it sticks out. Eventually, I will build a shelf to go over it to hide it. I also wished that I had all the locks brought to a locksmith prior to them hanging so that they were on the same key, was the best time to call Access Locksmiths. Right now I have a million keys to the different doors. That is something I will have to do later on.

Washer Dryer Gap

Even new things break. Lucky for us we have a good contractor and he helps us with anything. Our first week in our alarm to our front door broke, our tankless water heater kept freezing and our soft close on our doors popped off. Maren’s ceiling around the chimney leaked even (which they quickly fixed that day.)


Cracks will pop up. The house settles, cracks show. Not humongous or anything, but at the new house settles, the paint will tend to crack. The nice part is that our painters will come up to a year to fix any of these things.

Overall we have had a pretty easy experience.

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