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I’m Back & I Get to Finally See the Cabinets

I am back in town and I finally got to see the house. After I was in Florida at Homestead ARB, I came home and went directly to Whiteman AFB. After a week at Whiteman, I met the family at the lake. So after all that, I came home today and saw all of our new cabinets and trim. The builders tackled the door frames and kitchen crown molding since we’ve been gone as well.

You can see all of the trim that is about to go in:
Wood Pile

Front Room Trim

The crown is up and the windows are framed in. Now we have the mantel to decide on and what sconces will go above the mantel.
Front Room Trim (2)

Front Room Trim

Alexa's Bedroom Trim (2)

Alexa’s Room Trim

Alexa has a lot of her crown and baseboards done. I think we even finalized a paint color and trim color, so now we just have the decorating left in her room. She keeps asking to have her ceiling painted like her old room did. I am still trying to decide on if I am going to do that in any of the rooms.
Alexa's Bedroom Trim

Alexa's Closet

Downstairs Bathroom Trim and Cabinets

Below is a shot of our cabinet for the bathroom. I think we are going to paint it black with carrera marble tops for the sinks.
Downstairs Bathroom Cabinet

Downstairs Bathroom Trim and Tile Prep

Downstairs Bathroom

Kitchen Trim

The kitchen has a lot of its molding done. This room is one of the hardest to decide on colors for the cabinets and what tops we are putting in. I love the marble, but it hold up next to the granite. We are trying to find an alternative that looks like marble, but is made of granite like “Super White Granite.”
Kitchen Crown Molding (2)

Kitchen Crown Molding (3)

Kitchen Crown Molding

Dining Room Trim

All the crown molding is up in the dining room. All that’s left is the baseboards.
Dining Room Trim (2)

Dining Room Trim

Mudroom Trim

Notice the locked door below. This is the laundry room. I still have yet to see it. I did pick out granite for my counter tops for that room, but I have yet to see it. The lockers are starting to go in as well. I like it, but I think it’s going to be a tight fit to get four lockers in it.
Locked Laundry Room Door

Mud Room Locker

Mudroom Pantry

Hallway Trim And Cubby

I like the little cubby that will be in the hallway. I also like the fact that the hallway is opened up and not as closed off. Now I just have to figure out what kind of light I want to go in. I think I want a pendant light of some sort.
Downstairs Hallway Cubby

Downstairs Hallway Trim (2)

Downstairs Hallway Trim

Looking Downstairs

Baby Boy’s Room Cabinet, Closet and Shower

Baby Boy’s room had the window seat installed, all of the closet done and the tile prepped. They are starting to tile this week. The tile was one of the first purchases we made for the house, so we already forgot what it will all look like.
Baby Boy's Bathroom Tile Prep

Baby Boy's Cabinet

Baby Boy's Closet

Baby Boy's Window Seat

Maren’s Room Cabinet, Closet and Shower

Maren’s window seat and cabinet were there today as well. They also cut the cubbies in most of the bathrooms where all of our shelves are going to go to hold their shampoos.
Maren's Bathroom Cabinet

Maren's Bathroom Tile Prep

Maren's Bedroom Window Seat


These are just shots of our stairs just to remember. It has an old chair rail around the top that was taken out, which I am glad. I never really knew why it was there and it always looked a little odd.


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