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IKEA is coming to Kansas

You either love or hate their meatballs, but nobody can deny the fact that Ikea is the bomb. Let me explain why to those that have never stepped out of KC and made it to one.

Ikea has fun, trendy items at such a lower cost than other places. If you are an organizational junkie like me, you will love this place. Just check out their website: IKEA.com. The downfall is that they don’t offer everything online that they have in their stores. Throughout the years they slowly have added inventory, but it’s still not everything.

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Years ago I emailed IKEA a request to build one in Kansas City. It was followed up with a really nice email saying that we just don’t have the population to justify an IKEA. What? Do they not realize that there isn’t one near us that isn’t at least six hours away?

Apparently others felt the same way because soon after my email pleading for a new IKEA, Facebook petitions popped up asking for IKEA to come into our town.

Not only did IKEA deliver. They plopped it down basically in my own backyard. It’s about a 3 mile hike north of me, no highways needed. Talk about answering my wishes. I will no longer need to make my out of town relatives drive me to their IKEA or mail me whatever fun thing I want from there. I can run right after work.

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My poor family may never see me again after the opening this fall of 2014. Go Merriam, KS

I am still pretty sure that this was all due to my persuasive email.


Maren ironically had to make a hate for her school’s hat parade. Her country was Sweden. I kept asking her to add the fact that Ikea came from Sweden, but she couldn’t be pressured. We stuck with the following facts:

  • Sweden is known for their iconic meatballs.
  • Sweden is the third largest exporter of music
  • Princess cake is a well-known cake in Sweden.
  • The moose crossing sign is one of the best souvenirs, so much so that hundreds are stolen each year from the side of the road.
  • Sweden is comprised of 50% forest.
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    Village Cape Cod - Kansas IKEA 00002

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