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I Survived

This week I survived my first time away from my little one for five whole days. It was hard and I was ready to come home on day one. Prior to leaving, I prayed for the weather to be bad so our flight was delayed hoping it would give me just a little longer with the family. Who does that? A mom with a baby and little girls that she has to leave. The older ones are a little easier to be a way from for short terms, because they can Facetime with me so I can still feel apart of their life. With the baby I am not there to get any reaction at all. In all of my sadness of being a part, I did Google “Does your baby forget you in one week?” OK, I know that is silly, but I think every mom thinks that when they leave their baby for the first time. I have to thank Google for all of the responses. Apparently they do not forget you, but at least other parents have this reaction. Some replies did point out that you can leave a shirt or something that smells like you and a recording of your voice, but lets’ face it… I am not that organized.

I don’t think it ever get easier being away from your children. I hope they don’t mind me being their roommate in their college dorms, because I think that I will go back to college just for that reason. I can’t imagine what it will be like when they move away from the house and go off on their own. I am sure I will be Googling “Will my college student forget me in one week?” Maybe I will be a cool enough mom that they will Facebook me when they are older. It could happen.


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