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Horsing Around

I was able to get in a project over our Memorial Day weekend. I had bought this wooden horse awhile ago at a garage sale with thought of redoing it and hanging it in our front tree. The girls think the new baby will love it and they plan to help push him or her.
I had most of the supplies except for the sandpaper and polyurethane. I always have a huge issue with the sandpaper shifting, so the guy at the hardware store suggested that I tried the sticky back sandpaper. It wasn’t much more and it worked like a charm. I didn’t even have to use my hard-to-clamps on my sander. It took about 40 minutes to sand down the horse. Bye-bye 1980’s paint!

Horse Project

I wiped the horse down first and then sanded with a medium sandpaper and then a fine sandpaper to even out the lines.
Horse Project 2

Horse Project 3

Next I wiped it down with a lightly damp cloth and then stained it with left over Ebony stain from my shutters.
Horse Project 4

Horse Project 5

I let it dry overnight and decided to do another coat of stain to make it darker before applying the polyurethane. I liked how the horse turned out with the second coat. Up close you can really see the grains of the wood.
Horse Project 6

Horse Project 7

I can’t wait to get it hanging in our tree. We are going to have to beg someone with a really high ladder or try to toss it over the branch on our tallest ladder setting.

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