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Happy Tree in PV

Right across from our house is a little triangle where all the streets intersect nicknamed “the fountain.” Prairie Village made it a nice place by decorating it with trees, benches and a fountain the kids can play in. On a typical day you can see tons of children running around on the triangle with their parents relaxing on a bench after a long day of work. (usually with a beer or wine in hand to help relax – no judging going on here)

The other day my daughters came home from the fountain after playing with their friends. They were excited to tell me about the happy tree that someone made on our special island. The happy tree had a bag of tags, a sharpie and a sign instructing everyone to write what makes them happy:

Village Cape Cod - Happy Tree 00001

Village Cape Cod - Happy Tree 00002

Our girls wrote their special message. Maren wrote that she was happy for World’s of Fun while Alexa put that she was happy for her brother and sister. Our favorite silly one came from one of Alexa’s BFFs:

Village Cape Cod - Happy Tree 00003

This happy little tree made the PVPost.com: http://pvpost.com/2014/05/12/who-is-behind-the-happy-tree-in-prairie-village-27599

Plus we woke up this morning to see the KMBC news van parked at the island too. Kansas City news: http://www.kmbc.com/news/Prairie-Village-Happy-Tree-inspires-smiles/25960896

Nobody knows who created this happy tree still today. This just goes to show how special our little neighborhood is and another strong reason why we rebuilt instead of moved.

forgive the iPhone pics

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