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Granite and Marble Choices for Countertops

We drove out to Miller Cabinets in Excelsor Springs, MO today to finalize everything we wanted for our counter tops. We decided to go with Super White granite for our kitchen and dining room, Carrera marble for all of our bathrooms and Caledonia granite for the laundry room.

Counter Top Selections

They also got a lot done today with all the trim pieces and got to work on getting the tile done. I think they are almost done with all of that. Next week is painting!

Alexa’s Bedroom – New Nook and Finished Trim

I wanted a little nook next to her vanity for make-up. I think the shelves aren’t spaced 100% the way I would do it. I just wanted two shelves total and there are three. I think it will work for now though. We also moved the sconces wiring up above the nook.
Alexa's Room New Nook

Alexa's Room Trim Finished

Baby Boy’s Bedroom – Start on Shower

I love the look of his bathroom so far. We chose white penny rounds for the floor and we are going to do a darker grey grout. Then we did white matte subway tiles and moss penny rounds for the shower. His nook will have moss penny rounds in it as well.
Baby Boy's Room Penny Round Tile

Baby Boy's Room Shower - Moss Penny Round

They also put his nook in his walk in closet. I can’t wait to put little baskets to hold his stuff on each shelf.

Dining Room – Crown Installed

It looks like most the crown molding is installed. Jay noticed that they added a small piece of trim above the door and right below the crown molding, which we thought was smart. This will keep from having a fine line of sheet rock exposed, which will make painting a lot easier.
Dining Room Crown (2)

Dining Room Crown

Downstairs Hallway – Nook

They smoothed out this nook today. We don’t plan to add any wood to this and only have plaster. It won’t have a lot of the wear the other nooks will have, so we wanted to leave it alone with only the sheet rock.
Downstairs Hallway Nook

Front Room – Finished Trim

All the trim is finished and they are starting in on the fireplace tomorrow. Check out all the saw dust these guys make. It is crazy how much work they are doing in such a short time and how well it is all turning out.
Front Room Saw Dust (2)

Front Room Saw Dust

Kitchen- Finished Crown

It looks like they finished everything in this room for the crown. We already ordered our pendant lights and now we have our granite selection off our list as well. Next are cabinet paint colors. This has been one of our hardest choices of all.
Kitchen Crown

Living Room – Crown and Fireplace Mantel

I love how they still have our sketch from Houzz up of what we want. It really looks similar to the picture and I am loving how it is turning out. I wasn’t convinced to rebuild it at first, but I am glad in the end that they did. Already it looks 10X better than what we had. Jay also made the decision to get rid of the sconces, which I will try to be the bigger person and remind him how I fought not to have it. If we ever sell, the next owners will still have the wiring if they ever have the need for the sconces.
Living Room Fireplace (2)

Living Room Fireplace (3)

Living Room Fireplace (4)

Living Room Fireplace

Maren’s Room – Tiling the Shower and New Nook

Maren also had part of her shower tiled today. The boy’s bathroom and her bathroom pretty much look identical. They both will have the matte white penny rounds with dark gray grout on the floors. Their showers will have the matte white 3X6 subway tiles with moss penny rounds with dark gray grout too. I can’t wait until it’s all said and done.
Maren's Bathrrom Shower - Moss Penny Round Tile

Maren also had her fireplace mantel put in. I love how they boxed it off. They will need to clean the chimney from all the mud that got on it, but I love how the new pretty brick is exposed.
Maren's Bedroom Fireplace Mantel

Her nook went in as well. This didn’t quite happen the way I described. I wanted a small nook in this entry of her room and it turned into ceiling to floor. I think it will look fine, but I didn’t picture it this large. I wanted a nook here because there was all this open space. I knew I couldn’t stick a side table in that area, but I wanted to make use of the dead space.
Maren's Bookcase Nook

There was this odd part in her hallway that leads from her closet to her bedroom. It almost looked like a door once belonged there. We decided to make a rounded arch, so it looked like it was meant to be there. It really was caused by how the support beams and walls came together, but now it looks like an added detail. It also matches our master bedroom.
Maren's Rounded entry

Master Bathroom – Tiling the Tub

Our tub in our master bedroom received its new facade today. It also had the tile we are using in the shower and on the walls ran around the perimeter of the tub. We still haven’t picked out the color of grout we are going to use. I think it may be a lighter gray.
Master Bathroom Tub (2)

Master Bathroom Tub

Upstairs Hallway – Smooth Walls

They smoothed our walls and cleaned up where that odd chair rail was. This poor hallway had so many bangs and dings. I am glad to see that it looks like it has brand new walls.
Upstairs Hallway - No Chair Rail

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