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Good-Bye Tree, Hello Gutters

We had an early surprise today. We planned sometime in September to have our tree in the backyard cut down. To our surprise they showed up a little early and did it while we were at work. They had the whole job done by lunchtime. It was a little bittersweet. We loved the tire swing we had on the tree and all the memories we had with it. It was our kids’ favorite spots when we first moved in, but with the new addition we had to get rid of the tire swing. The tree itself looked like it could fall over any second, but it was still hanging in there. We opted to get rid of it just in case and we found someone that did the job at a really good price on a whim. They were doing a job down the street and we had just had a front tree removed next to the driveway and laying in our yard, so Jay stopped and asked them to haul ours off that day as well as chop the one down in the back.

Back of the House - Tree Gone

They also added gutters to the house. They blend in so well you can barely see them in these pictures.

Front of the House – Gutters

Front of the House - Gutters

Back of the House – Gutters

Back of the House - Gutters

East of the House – Gutters

East Side of the House - Gutters

West of the House – Gutters

West Side of the House - Gutters

The house doesn’t smell as bad now that the stain has aired out, so I ran through and snapped some shots. I can’t really look over everything well to avoid paint fumes, so it’s nice to be able to come home and look at the pictures. Everything looks like it’s primed and ready to go. They even started in on the fireplace and Dining Room Cabinets. I like the Wolf Grey 2127-40 by Benjamin Moore that we decided to go with. I was worried it would have too much blue in it.

Dining Room- Primed Paint

Dining Room - Gray Cupboards (2)

Dining Room - Gray Cupboards

Dining Room - Primed Paint 2

Dining Room - Primed Paint

Living Room- Primed Paint

Living Room - Primed Paint

Alexa’s Bedroom – Primed Paint

Alexa's Room - Primed Paint

Kitchen- Primed Paint

Kitchen - Primed Paint

Laundry- Primed Paint

Laundry Room - Primed Paint

Master Bedroom – Primed Paint

Master Bedroom - Primed Paint

Mudroom- Primed Paint

The painters messed up on the locker bench and primed it, so they have to come back and sand the paint off.
Mud Room - Primed Paint

Mudroom - Pantry Primed Paint

Upstairs Hallway- Primed Paint

Upstairs Hallway - primed Paint 2

Upstairs Hallway - Primed Paint

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