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Getting Through All the Blue Tape

All this blue tape around the house can only mean one thing… more repairs. ALL newly remodeled houses go through this in the first year, where the house needs some love after it settles a little and we are not excluded in this. We gradually built a list that had a few minor items that needed attention. It will be nice when it is all finalized.

Most of them that we tagged with the blue tape is actually just paint or wall touch-ups. Only a few areas go into the extreme area of needing new sheetrock.
Dining Room Tag

Master Bathroom Tag 2

Master Bathroom Tag

Or some are more severe where the floor guys had to come and shave down where it dipped a little. We also had a little bubbling under the oven.

Kitchen Floor Redo

This bring me back to the old days of when we first moved in and right after I had Coen. Fresh paint smell is the best.


Unfortunately, I am on military leave all next week so the patches are going to be throughout our house for a while.


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