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Front Siding – Check

The front siding to our house has been completed minus the dormers. Now we have over half the house done since the west side and front is complete and the east side and back are almost there. Mark, our contractor said that he is hoping to have most of the house sided and done by the end of this week. Minus the chimney being done, which will happen in the next couple of weeks. This will be nice, because we won’t have to worry about the weather once all of the framing is complete. They will always be able to work on the inside.

We went with hardy siding and I think it turned out better then I anticipated.

Front of the House

Front of House - Full Siding

Front of House - Full Siding (2)

Front of House - Full Siding (3)

East Side of the House

East Side of the House - Full Siding

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